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PostureCane Walking Foldable Stick, Collapsible Walking Cane

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PostureCane Walking Foldable Stick, Collapsible Walking Cane

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Stand tall with pride, walk upright with ease, and continue to be the best version of yourself with the PostureCane Walking Foldable Stick!

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The PostureCane Walking Foldable Stick is designed to prevent bad posture which leads to a multitude of health problems.

Not only does it help lower the amount of stress on your spine, but it also provides ample support needed to stand up and walk around for longer periods of time.

This walking cane has a unique curved handle that naturally provides the necessary support to keep an upright position.

The best part of all, along with increased mobility, is that it helps boost confidence because you can directly look people in the eyes and walk with your head up.

As a result, your body will stay healthier with an improved posture and allow you to do more of the tasks you enjoy on a regular basis.

You can now safely navigate, as well as comfortably and confidently walk along hills, uneven terrain, sidewalks, and stairs!

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PostureCane Standout Features

  • A  balancing walking cane to support your back, shoulders, and wrist while helping keep your balance, so you can comfortably walk straight and upright.
  • Made from high-quality materials with an innovative design for a sleek and sturdy walking cane you can use every day.
  • Suitable for men and women, right or left-handed, from 4.5 feet up to 6.5’feet, and up to 300 pounds.
  • Comes with a carrying strap, perfect for traveling.
  • 10 adjustable heights from 40 up to 49 inches.

Product Note

  • This walking cane comes with a special slip-resistant rubber that prevents falls and keeps you safe.

Package Inclusions

  • 1 x Walking Cane

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Brian M. English
An excellent product for those who need extra balance and some support when walking.

It is well made and easy to walk with. It will not stand up by itself on carpet or irregular surfaces but it does stand by itself on level, smooth surfaces.

This tall cane was perfect

I’m 6’ 4” and I needed a cane in rehab. The ones in rehab were just too short. This one was well priced and delivery was quick.

Robert johnson
Great product!

like the cane. It can stands on its own. It makes you stand up straight.

Saul Turner
This cane is going to be great!

I have used this cane for a couple of weeks and I love it! The base is larger and more stable, but not too large. I love that I can adjust to make it has high as I need it to be so that I don't have to bend over, and I love that I can hold it with my hand straight instead of bending it. Easier when my hands hurt because I don't have to grip as hard. I don't think this cane is meant to be weight bearing but it works great for just keeping me upright and moving.

Wayne N. Lillard
You need to walk upright, it’s safe & secure!

Perfect, I have been wishing for someone to come out with something like a walking stick. Years ago when warrior Indian chiefs roamed the Mideast and the western states/mountains, they’d walked miles with a long strong walking stick, upright, not bent over with wheels that slip making you fall. This is great & more doctors should encourage patients to use them & their muscles more! Look ahead not down bent over, wake up seniors & grow out of that pride your still holding on to. Be smart, this is the reason why we’re living longer, use it!