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EZ Grip Foldable LED Walking Stick, Safety Walking Cane

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EZ Grip Foldable LED Walking Stick, Safety Walking Cane

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Move More, Worry Less & Regain Your Independence Today With The #1 Multi-Functional Cane—EZ Grip Foldable LED Walking Stick!

This Safety Walking Cane is great for those who may not need assistance when walking. Whether it’s for everyday use or travel, you can bring the EZ Grip foldable cane with you in your bag and take it out whenever you need it.

The EZ Grip Foldable LED Walking Stick is designed to help you or your loved ones continue to enjoy life by solving mobility issues. This lightweight, collapsible cane gives you the best physical support with peace of mind in every step.

What Makes EZ Grip Foldable LED Walking Stick Unique

It also pivots and flexes at the base, which allows you to move around easier without having to lift the cane to move around constantly. The rubber tips are slip-resistant and absorb shocks to remove pressure from your arms and wrists when walking.

Because of the quad-point base design, it can stand on its own. You do not have to worry about it tipping over and having to bend to pick it up.

One of the most helpful features of the EZ Grip is that it comes with an LED light that can be useful in emergency situations or walking in low-light areas.

lighter (500×500)

Another innovative feature is that the EZ Grip has a complete second handle that folds down from the shaft of the cane to help you get a better grip and balance as you stand up.

This comfortable, foam-textured secondary handle is added for more even weight distribution. That means no tipping or lurching forward!

lighter (500×500)

Unlike other multi-foot walking canes, the EZ Grip offers a secure multi-point balance base without the bulk and tripping hazard of additional separate cane feet.

The compact round base prevents tipping and falling accidents with four rubber stabilizing cups on the underside.

lighter (500×500)

Single-point canes are unreliable and easily tip over, even with the user’s full weight bearing down. Our 360-degree tripod base offers support in all directions without compromising safety.

This innovative design helps ensure support when walking over and around curbs, uneven sidewalks, as well as varied terrains like dirt and grass. The flexible tips move with you, not against you, allowing a more natural gait.

lighter (500×500)

EZ Grip Benefits

  • Alleviates pressure and pain in your knees, back, and other joints when walking
  • Improves mobility, stability, and balance for elders and injured individuals
  • Promotes and maintains an active and independent lifestyle
  • Helps reduce unnecessary trips and slips
  • Sit and stand easier with our innovative secondary handle

Package Inclusions

  • 1 x Walking Cane

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Joe Comstock

At first, I thought this was rather wobbly, but the rehab specialist showed me that it was only wobbly because I wasn't using it correctly. She showed me the proper way to use it and it is great. I love that it folds up so that I can get it out of the way and the fact that it has a light on it so that you can use it in the dark is terrific.

Chasity Darden
I love this product

I finally feel like someone understands me. Since my knee surgery, life has not been easy. Moving is very hard for me, especially standing up and sitting down. Thanks to the extra handle, it is much better now. Other features are useful as well, but this is the main reason why I love this product.

David Johnson
Great little unit for the price.

I suffer from bursitis and on occasion need a cane to help keep my balance. But only rarely and as such I chose a folding cane. Glad I did - this unfolds in seconds to a very sturdy and capable walking stick! Very solid and the base is amazing - does not slip! This product works well, and I am not a little guy, but this holds up.

Robert sloss
Works great!

I got this for my 84 year old Dad who is visiting us during the holidays. He was constantly looking for a good place to hang or lean his cane when not in use and I thought he would like the way it stands on hard surfaces. Even though I think he would prefer the grip to be a little fatter, overall he loves it. He especially loves the light which he uses to navigate through the house when he gets up at night and also to take his medications while sitting on the bed before going to sleep. At night, he can even leave the cane standing with the light shining on an entrance door while gets his keys out and unlocks it. He also loves the way the cane easily breaks down to such a small size he can put it in his carry on or medical bag on the plane.

Donna Smith
My sister is very pleased with this cane

My sister has Parkinson disease and is falling constantly when shes outside. She is stubborn and will not stop wandering outside in her yard and in the garden. So far she loves this cane out doors, it moves with her because of the 4 feet. Shes been out and about the past couple days feeling more secure and "daring". She got a huge kick out of the led light. Others said it did not work for long, we will see. For someone needing a cane at night to get up and go to the bathroom that light is a god send.