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LaCross Hip Brace for Sciatica Pain Relief, Thigh Hamstring Compression Support Wrap, and Stabilizer for Groin, Hip Flexor, Arthritis, Bursitis, and Sciatic Nerve Pain for Men Women

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LaCross Hip Brace for Sciatica Pain Relief, Thigh Hamstring Compression Support Wrap, and Stabilizer for Groin, Hip Flexor, Arthritis, Bursitis, and Sciatic Nerve Pain for Men Women

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This hip brace has been specifically designed to help relieve pain, rehabilitate, and bring back everyday movement by providing support, stability, and warmth.

Therapeutic neoprene helps retain the body heat needed to warm muscles, provides soothing compression, and increases blood circulation, thereby improving mobility and reducing recovery time.

The hip brace designed for both men and women can be worn on the right or left leg, under or over clothes. It fits waist up to 43″ and thigh up to 24″ in circumference.

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LaCross Hip Brace Support Features:

  • Hip brace helps relieve pain and speeds up recovery from sciatica, thigh, hamstring, quadriceps, hip adductor, hip flexor strains, hip bursitis, hip arthritis, hip labral tear, SI joint issues, and piriformis syndrome.
  • Provides stability and support for hip, thigh, and sacroiliac joints.
  • Easy to put on and adjust.
  • Fits snugly all day, stays in place during activities, and doesn’t restrict movements.
  • Fits waist up to 43″ and thigh up to 24”, designed for both men and women, fits right or left leg, can be worn under or over clothes, and made of latex-free neoprene.

Package Included: 1*hip brace

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Paul Todaro
It works for what I needed to work for

I have suffered from Sciatica for years and this is the first sustained relief I have experienced. I can now sit for longer periods and distance driving is now tolerable. Messages have helped but only for a day or two. Icy Hot works for about two hours. Left heel lifts help for a pronated foot but the spinal correction takes weeks. This device worked the first day I wore it. I can't say it completely relieves the pain after longer periods of sitting but I now have greater comfort. The benefit for my dear wife is that I am far less grouchy ;->
This is not a paid for or affiliated review. Just a real guy getting relief.

Sarah Unger
Worth the purchase

Seems comfortable, easy directions and fits well. After putting it on there was a noticeable difference to the pressure on my hip.

Christopher Schwartz
Hamstring Stability is Super-Important

This Neoprene product came as a suggestion through my orthopedic physician after a reoccurrence of hamstring tendinitis. Very much like the waist belt keeps my lower back stabilized as well as the thigh wrap to compress my hamstring. Tendinitis of the hamstring is much like tennis elbow - continuous stretching without adequately strengthening. This product allows my impacted area to be secure while I strengthen with hip raises, squats, side-stepping with bands, etc. Did not have this product when I had this pesky condition before; pleased to know it existed. Every orthopedic doctor and physical therapy office should be offering this product to clients for tendinitis. There is really no downside to having compression support.

Eva Weinstein
Excellent for severe SI joint pain!

I have severe SI joint pain to the right side. (This can be worn on the right or left.) I put the brace on and purposefully didn’t take my Tramadol to see how much it really helped. I ran to the store with it on and driving was finally bearable! I then went home and cleaned my house for 4 hours, did take my meds but zero pain! Meds alone never have me 100% pain free! I’m going to purchase another. Buy this if you’re suffering from SI joint pain, it’s so worth it!

Ruben Sessoms
Much better than I ever expected!

I have hip pain and I am told I will need a hip replacement. I have pain in my hip and also in my thigh. The thigh pain is mostly in the front for some reason and my doctor says that is normal for people with hips where the cartilage has worn away. After a lot of research I learned that supporting the hip and thigh with a hip brace device might help alleviate the pain and allow the muscles surrounding the hip and thigh to heal. I was thrilled when I first put this hip brace on and found it easy to put on by myself. It is also slim enough to comfortably wear under my clothing. After a couple of days the pain started to subside and I can do things like mowing the lawn which I wasn't able to do before. I highly recommend this hip brace for anyone that is suffering with this kind of pain where support would help.