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HipHelper Hip Brace, Groin Wrap for Sciatica Pain Relief

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HipHelper Hip Brace, Groin Wrap for Sciatica Pain Relief

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Adjustable Support for Hip, Groin, Hamstring, Thigh, and Sciatic Nerve Pain

Groin pulls can be incredibly painful, making something as simple as walking a difficult task. These kinds of injuries usually occur when there is a strain, pull, or sudden contraction in any of the numerous muscles in the inner thigh during movement. Groin wraps are helpful in the recovery process as they stabilize and compress the affected muscles. Depending on the severity, injuries can take a while to heal, as those delicate muscles play an important role in controlling the leg during many common activities.

Say Goodbye to Pain!

Our HipHelper Hip Brace eases pain from damaged or strained groin muscles. Two straps are always better than one! Our unique design has a secondary strap that goes around the waist to target sciatica pain, as well.

The wrap will reduce swelling and relieve pain through compression and increased blood flow. It will also support the recovery process by stabilizing the affected area and promoting healing.

This brace is designed to help reduce pain and promote faster healing from groin, quad, hip, lower back, and hamstring injuries, as well as provide sciatica pain relief.

The compression wrap restores everyday movement and mobility, decreasing tension on the muscles by providing stability and warmth. Increased blood flow from the compression brace reduces recovery time and pain overall.

The adjustable support can be worn on either the right or left leg, as well as both underneath and on top of clothing. The latching straps with strong Velcro allows you to customize the fit of your brace to your exact size.

The anti-slip design prevents the compression wrap from slipping or rolling during physical activity, making it more comfortable and easier to use than any other wrap, brace, or belt. Neoprene, the main material used in this support, keeps you cool and comfortable in all circumstances. Other materials used include nylon, spandex, and polyester. This brace is latex-free.

Benefits of Using HipHelper:

  • Some benefits are:
  • Greater hip stabilization
  • Improved athletic performance because of increased blood flow
  • Quicker Recovery
  • A lower likelihood of muscle soreness (when put on during pre-workout warm-up)
  • Reduced muscle fatigue
  • Soothes post-workout DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

Key Features

Stabilizes and Compresses the Muscle for a Speedy Recovery

The pressure from the wrap increases blood flow, relieves pain, reduces swelling, and accelerates recovery by stabilizing and compressing the muscle. The adjustable compression minimizes muscle vibration to decrease fatigue and improve muscle performance.

You deserve the best! This is a great option for sciatica pain, groin pulls, hip flexor injuries, pulled quads or hamstrings.