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AizoCell Hip Brace and Hip Stabilizer with Adjustable Brace Straps, Improved Compression Focus, Stable Grip, Breathable Material and Non-slip Design

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AizoCell Hip Brace and Hip Stabilizer with Adjustable Brace Straps, Improved Compression Focus, Stable Grip, Breathable Material and Non-slip Design

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

The AizoCell Comes with a Strong Grip That Holds Hips in Place to Speed Up Healing and Prevent Further Hip Injuries from Happening

The Hip Brace and Stabilizer That Provides Exceptional Hold and Support without The Discomfort, The Sweat, and Slips

Are you suffering from constant hip pain because of overuse or injury? 

The AizoCell hip brace is designed to give you that relief from pain without making you feel uncomfortable or restricted. 

This hip brace is made of high quality neoprene that provides elevated support while lowering the risks of the brace slipping off due to sweat or movement. 

The AizoCell is adjustable  and can fit waist size of 48” and thigh size up to 28”.

If you’re looking for a hip brace that will alleviate the pain, and prevent any issue from getting worse, go for the AizoCell. 

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AizoCell Hip Brace Features

✅ The most reliable compression strap to relieve you of hip pains from strains, quads, pulled muscle, hip joint pain, hip tendonitis, and sciatica.

✅ The three-strap design enables you to adjust the hip brace according to your needs. 

✅ This hip brace comes with a strong grip that provides concentrated compression on different pain points. 

✅ Non-slip and breathable. The AizoCell is made of high-quality neoprene. 

✅ Great for the left and right hip. 

✅ Great for men and women! 


AizoCell Hip Brace Benefits:

    • Muscle pain is reduced. Now, you can go back to having an active lifestyle you can enjoy with family and friends.
    • The hip brace targets specific muscle spots where you might experience pain and strain. This hip brace gives targetted compression to your groin, thigh, hamstring, quadricep, hip joint and hip flexors. You can find relief from stabbing lower back and sciatica pain.
    • Comfortable to wear, thanks to its breathable design.  The fully-adjustable velcro helps this brace glued to the spot 100% of the time without causing you extreme discomfort.
    • Comes with a design you can wear under your clothing. The slim design of the AizoCell is great for anyone who wants to wear the hip brace under their clothes.

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The AizoCell Hip Brace Can Help You With:

  • Sciatic Nerve Pain & Sacroiliac Joint Recovery Relief
  • Groin strains and sprains
  • Pulled Hamstrings
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Reduce likelihood of re-injury    
  • Occupational & sporting injuries
  • Minimize effects of muscle overuse
  • Support movements during everyday activities


  • Color: Black&Red
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Material: Neoprene


Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Sabrina Hafford
Just give them your whole wallet

It is excellent. So glad I found it to relieve my leg pain due to PCOS. Better than anything else I’ve tried.

Julie Harvey
Comfortable and supportive

It is very comfortable and supports my lower back as well as hip..I’d be miserable without it.I’m waiting to have hip replacement surgery in Dec... It’s working out well for me. Thank you!

Edward Roldan
This brace rocks, quality made, more value for your money!!!

Super glad to find this product, extremely bad injury to my ham string. This wrap-brace gave me the stability to stand and walk with only a slight limp. I wore this brace almost every day for 6 weeks. This product still looks almost new!!

Gladys Helmer
Nice Brace

I bought this for my husband as he's having some groin and hip pain, we were both skeptical that it would be helpful. As soon as he started wearing it he said that both his groin and hip pain felt immensely better. He is now wearing this almost daily and really likes it.

Janet Lakin
Buy This!

If you have sciatica. I couldn't even image the pain relief it would provided but it did the trick. I am almost back to walking normally without the constant pain after a few days. All the medications the doctors peddle for this problem didn't provide relief just grogginess and still not being able to walk. This simple device did it with a lot less cost.