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SnappyBacks Smart Vibrating Posture Corrector

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SnappyBacks Smart Vibrating Posture Corrector

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Bring Back That Healthy Posture!

With good posture comes a healthier YOU. No more back, neck and shoulder pain to keep you away from being productive, and most importantly, no more slouching that takes away your confidence.

Say Goodbye to Bad Posture and Start Living Your Best Self—with SnappyBack!



Introducing the SnappyBack

The SnappyBack Smart Posture Corrector Brace is a great option for people who suffer from back pain and poor posture. The adjustable body brace is designed to stretch your muscles, relieve pain, and facilitate good posture every dayMade from high-tech stretchy neoprene material, the SnappyBack can be worn comfortably at work, the gym, and even under your clothes to ensure that you can practice safe and effective posture all day long. It will help you to improve posturestraighten your back and stop slouching.

Vibration Sensor to Stop Slouching

The SnappyBack is your anti-slouching police. When your back is bent down, the sensor attached to the brace detects the wrong posture and immediately activates the vibration alarm—reminding you to keep your head up and back straight. This method is effective in instilling “proper posture” so that you’ll make it a habit. As a result, maintaining good posture will be a natural activity for you.


Easy to Use, Comfortable as You Go!

The SnappyBack solves your back and posture issues most conveniently and comfortably possible. Our Posture Corrector Brace comes with an adjustable strap that is easy to put on. The cushioned straps gently pull your shoulders back for better alignment while maintaining a breathable and relaxing fit so that you’ll feel as if you’re not wearing the straps at all.

SnappyBack’s strong but lightweight, breathable, and washable material makes you stay cool while promoting proper posture.


  • [Intelligent Posture Corrector] The posture corrector vibrates automatically to remind users of their incorrect postures by real-time monitoring. When it senses that the user’s hunchback bends more than 25 degrees, it will immediately activate the vibrating alert. Our internal tests revealed that testers who wore the posture aligner for 2 hours a day showed significant improvement in posture within 3 weeks. [Note: People with serious back problems should seek professional help.]
  • [Innovative Concept] We advocate the proactive correction concept. When the smart sensor performs angle monitoring, it automatically triggers gentle vibrations when hunchback is sensed, reminding the user to proactively adjust to the correct posture. This technique reinforces good posture habits to naturally prevent slouching, protect eye vision, and relieve back fatigues. Overall, the SnappyBack rejects the adverse effects of passive physical forcing corrections using a traditional strap, such as muscle pressures that could impact a kid’s body development and induce breathing discomfort.
  • [Ergonomic Design] Our back brace is designed with an ergonomic shape that fits the human body curve. Equipped with a premium rubber elastic strap and strong elasticity with no pressure on the shoulder, the SnappyBack delivers bad posture solutions in the most comfortable and breathable way. The anti-skid buckle supports length adjustment is suitable for use for both children and adults.
  • [Easy to Use] The SnappyBack only takes a one-button operation to work. The switch position is designed to make it easy for you to turn on/off by yourself without the help of others.
  • [Long Standby] The slouch corrector is equipped with a 500mAh polymer lithium battery and can be used for 15 days with 2 hours of charging. You can connect the device via a USB cable or V8 charging socket on the slouch corrector with the 5V power supply. The switch comes with an indicator light to notify you: the constant red light indicates charging, and the constant blue light indicates full/normal operation.

Eliminate Neck Pain, Back Pain & Headaches Effortlessly

In as little as one week of using our vibrating posture corrector, you’ll notice significant relief in your upper back, shoulder, and neck region. So if neck aches, tension headaches, and shoulder and back pain often take over your life, the SnappyBack is the PERFECT device to get rid of these nuisances the natural way.

You can finally say goodbye to the pain brought by your poor posture and say hello to the pain-free life you deserve.

Enjoy the SnappyBack Comfortably—Anywhere & Anytime!

Comfort is king for our customers, so we have invested in high-quality, non-irritating, stretchy straps that make our device so damn comfortable you will forget you have it on! Its discreet design ensures it can be taken anywhere and worn underneath clothing. It’s the most convenient posture solution on the market!

Packing list:

  • 1* Intelligent Posture Corrector
  • 1* USB Charging Cable
  • 1*User Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
elijah conroy
Great product for your back!

I was a bit skeptical when I ordered this posture corrector but hopeful it would help with my chronic back pain and overall poor posture. I’ve been wearing it for about 30 mins twice a day for about 4 days now and have seen an improvement in my posture. My back pain is virtually gone and I’ve gotten a lot of relief. The bands are super stretchy and comfortable to wear over a T-shirt ,I would definitely recommend this product to those with chronic back pain!

mallory Kane
5.0 de 5 estrellas Feels comfortable and makes her look confident.

I bought this for my wife and she says it feels comfortable and I can tell you that it sure helps her to hold her shoulders back just like her grandpa used to tell her to do. And the support helps her back and neck not hurt as much as before. I like the way she looks, like she has more confidence.

Esther westbrook

great posture brace, awesome for price.
Very good product. Every time my girl foes not hold the posture it vibrate. Great we can see our girl finally stand nicely.

manuel allsop
Comfortable and effective

I purchased this for my wife. We have small children and wanted something to help with her posture as her back often hurts lifting them. She’s been wearing it regularly for a week and has already noticed improvement. It’s comfortable to wear and the vibration is a gentle reminder when your posture is poor.

Gaylord Salinas
A product I never knew I needed!

A product I never knew I needed! After just beginning a new desk job, I realized I was having a lot more back pain than usual. I had heard about this type of product from I think a buzzfeed article and I wanted to give it a chance. This is such a simple and unique tool, small enough to fit in your pocket. It’s got very comfortable elastic bands that you adjust to fit around your shoulders like a backpack. Every time it senses that you’re slouching it will beep. It’s not an annoying beep, but more of a startling beep. I definitely will want to straighten up when I hear it. It comes charges and I’ve used it nearly every day since having it and it’s still powered.