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PostuGenics All-Size, Breathable and Adjustable Posture Corrector

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PostuGenics All-Size, Breathable and Adjustable Posture Corrector

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

PostuGenics Posture Corrector Back Brace

If you are suffering from chronic back pain or poor back posture, you are not alone. Around 40 percent of the population has a back-related problem. At a certain age, poor back posture can be very unhealthy and cause serious health problems like spinal dysfunction, joint degeneration, rounded shoulders, and so much more.

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Poor back posture (and back pain) is a problem for everyone. Whether you are an athlete or just working behind your computer, you are at risk of suffering from the same problem, especially if it has become a habit. The good news is: fixing poor posture isn’t rocket science. There are numerous ways to align your back properly to reduce stress and fatigue and maintain balance and flexibility, one of which is a posture corrector.

PostuGenics Back Posture Corrector is a universal fit-all-size product that will change the lives of millions. It is designed to fit everyone, and its purpose is to eliminate bad posture, remove muscle imbalance, and help a person get rid of unnecessary back pain. In the long run, it can also help prevent any injuries from occurring and improve one’s overall health. As they say: there’s no perfect posture as there’s no perfect body. But with PostuGenics on your side, you can achieve a neutral spine alignment that could improve your appearance, self-confidence, and general well-being.

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What really stands out about this back brace is that it’s comfortable to wear when your posture is on point but becomes uncomfortable if you lose proper form. This makes it easy to gradually train your muscles to hold a proper alignment.

What You Need To Know About The PostuGenics Posture Corrector

  1. Easily Adjustable: The magnetic back posture corrector comes with an adjustable strap that allows the user to choose any chest size between 28 to 48 inches. This makes our product unique and available to everyone; simultaneously, host a comfortable technique to correct your poor posture. Unlike other correctors that come in fixed sizes and contribute to breathing problems and discomfort, the PostuGenics comes with adjustments to make posture correcting effortless.
  2. Great For Your Back: By pulling back your shoulders and upper back “forces” the user to walk and sit in the right position, which eventually improves the body’s posture and allowing better blood flow.
  3. Easy To Use: The PostuGenics Back Brace Posture Corrector can be used any time and remains hidden while worn under a shirt or a t-shirt. It can be worn anywhere and without any discomfort. It is efficient, light, and comfortable. 

Back Posture Corrector

Why Should You Start Making Good Posture a Habit?

An average person spends around 4 hours a day sitting. With additional activities (such as playing video games, sitting by the computer, driving a car), it is estimated that, on average, people spend around 1/3 of their lives doing things that affect their posture (in a negative way). Once the pain kicks in, it is not too late to deal with the problem. Ignoring the pain will only cause things to get even worse. Do not hesitate to seek professional help or try our posture corrector if you feel any back pain.

Size Measuring Guide

How to Use the PostuGenics Posture Corrector?

#1. Insert the ends of the straps into the back buckles.

#2. Wear the back brace and then stick the ends of the straps to the shoulder side of the brace as shown below:

Frequently Asked Questions:

How is the size measured?

Size is measured by the chest to ensure a comfortable fit. 

  • Small is adjustable between 18-28 inches.
  • Medium is adjustable between 28-38 inches.
  • Large is adjustable between 38-48 inches.
Is the product for both men and women, young and old?

Absolutely, yes! The thing that makes this product unique and different is that it can be worn by everyone.

Can I wear it all day?

Unfortunately, it may put a lot of tension on your back if you wore it all day. Instead, try using it for 20-45 minutes, and then take a small break. Then do the same thing again. That way, your body can naturally adapt to the changes without causing any discomfort or pain. 

Package Include:

  • 1* Posture Corrector

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
martha Collier
Quality material

Good quality material. Highly recommend and feels comfortable. Definitely supports your back and posture

Jennifer sims
comfortable brace

Does what it’s supposed to do. Only thing I would say, is it’s very shoulder based. Meaning you can still “slouch” while wearing it by bending at lower or mid back. Got these for my girlfriend & I, and she ended up having muscle soreness the next couple days after wearing it as she paints. She normally would hunch over while painting. The soreness is a good thing by the way. It means the supporter caused her to use correct muscles for her movement that she wasn’t using before. Would recommend.

emily blackshear
Good product

Ive been concerned about my posture for quite some time and always been a bit frustrated with my poor posture. , but was never able to figure out a way to really concentrate on it enough to fix it. This posture corrector has been my answer. When I came across this corrector I was skeptical but thought I should at least try it.They really thought if everything in this little device but you MUST read the directions in order to get the most out of it. Ive followed their training schedule for just o...

Doris yard
Perfect little helper for your posture

I love this shoulder brace! I’ve been thinking about getting one of these for a while. So glad I did. This product is supportive of my shoulders while being very comfortable too. I just got it around lunchtime and have been wearing it happily all day.

The reason I bought this product is because I’m very aware of good posture and I want to make sure I don’t hunch over even a little. I’m old enough to see people hunch over for so long their bones stick that way (subluxation?). Because I have to use a cane briefly to steady myself before I can take care of a knee issue, this shoulder brace is wonderful.

I haven’t worn this under my clothes yet. This is something I plan to wear over at least one layer and maybe wear a jacket over it. It is easy to put on, you follow the instructions to wrap the straps back around to the front wear they attach by a Velcro like substance to the shoulder strap. It is completely adjustable.

I recommend this product for its comfort, support and ease of use. And the price point is awesome too!

chadwick thomas
Helps with neck disc issues when doing hard labor

have "Tech Neck" (disc compression) and always have muscle tension in my neck and upper back for days or weeks after doing simple chores like shoveling in the garden, moving heavy furniture, etc. I have started using this when I am exerting my upper body, especially when I am working on things that require me to hunch or bend down. The product seems to be working. I have done the fall planting, put bricks around the driveway, etc wearing the device and it has minimized the traditional nerve reaction I had. I have light to no tightness added from the events. Is it comfortable? Well its not a pair of fuzzy slippers, it binds a little. However it is designed IMHO as best it can be to help. When wearing I do pull at it from time to time, but generally forget its there. AND... it doesn't contribute to my heat balance which is huge for me. It also looks ok. It looks like you're wearing a backpack. I have also worn it under my tshirt and you can't even see it. I have washed it a few times with no degradation.

I hope this helps others who have the muscles to do things, but suffer from chronic neck issues because of it.