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SpraySleek Electric Portable Bidet Sprayer with Rechargeable Feature, Adjustable Water Pressure and Output, 250-ml Capacity

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SpraySleek Electric Portable Bidet Sprayer with Rechargeable Feature, Adjustable Water Pressure and Output, 250-ml Capacity

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Travel-friendly Portable Bidet with Strong Water Output and Innovative Design That Makes Hygiene Possible Even While You’re Outdoors!

Eco-friendly Portable Bidet With Strong Water Output and Ideal Design Inspired by Real Bidets. Experience The True Hygiene Experience with the SpraySleek!

Does the idea of using toilet paper and wipes for youe hygienic needs while you’re outdoors isn’t doing well for you?

Do you feel like toilet papers don’t do the trick, and you don’t like the idea of leaving toilet paper waste everywhere?

Introducing the SpraySpleek — an eco-friendly, portable bidet that acts just like your bidet at home! Strong, high water capacity, effective — it’s what you will be needing for hygiene use while outdoors, cleaning baby’s business while you’re on the road, or for nature breaks while you’re traveling.

How to Use?

SpraySleek Portable Bidet Features:

✅No bidet? No problem with this lightweight, travel-friendly portable bidet! This portable bidet only weighs 200 grams — you can conveniently bring it in your bag, so you can bring it out when needed.

✅Refillable bidet with 250-ml capacity. Adding water to the bidet is a breeze. As long as there’s water, you can use the SpraySleek with ease.

✅High-power water output that’s strong enough to clean efficiently. Just like a bidet at home, the SpraySleek produces high-powered water spray to thoroughly clean when needed.

The water pressure and output is 100% adjustable for your preference. The nozzle is adjustable so you can customize the water output coming out of the bidet.

Bidet has two modes of water pressure – soft and strong. If you want to save water, or if you need to go full blast, you can easily adjust the SpraySleek.

Rechargeable bidet that lasts up to 1.5 hours on fully-charged battery. You can use the bidet multiple times. No need for batteries or for cords.


  • Material: ABS (BPA Free)
  • Rechargeable: 1.5 hours USB Type-C
  • Two modes: soft-strong water pressure
  • Water capacity: 250ML
  • Waterproof Rating: IPX7
  • Size: 36 x 36 x 106mm
  • Weight: 0.36kg

Package Contents

  • 1 x Portable Travel Bidet

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Michael Cooley
Great for Painful Shoulders When You Can't Quite Reach

I have rotator cuff injuries and needless to say, it’s difficult to “wipe” completely. The first item I tried was one of those long reach wands you put a wad of toilet paper in only quickly to discover that purchase was a waste of time and money. I then tried a competitor's travel bidet and I was very disappointed. In fact, I returned it to Amazon. I couldn’t even get the plastic packaging off. This product, Portable Travel Bidet, was a most welcome replacement and at about 1/3 of the cost! It was easy to assemble, easy to use, can be filled with warm water, and once you get the hang of positioning it does the trick each and every time! I plan to use it even when my shoulders heal.

Wilfred Carr
Not Just For Travel

I know this is marketed as a travel bidet, and yes, it is great for travelling. Easy to pack, easy to use. But for me, this is my home use bidet. I have used other seat attachment and add on hoses before, but you have to modify your toilet, and if you are are a renter, that could be problematic. This thing works great as a home bidet, and no modifications necessary. Also, you can get the water temperature exactly how you want it instead of just using cold tap water like the usual seat bidet's. Bottom line, if you aren't going to spring for a deluxe toilet with bidet controls, or have a separate classic bidet, just buy this. It's affordable, and it works. Just keep watch for hard water build up if you have that in your town.

John Montgomery
Easy to use and great for travel

Picked up this item out of curiosity for a friend after a conversation we had about bidets in general. Yeah, it was kind of a gag gift but boy was I surprised by how well it was received. At the initial opening I saw that look of puzzlement cross his face, it slowly spread into realization, and then a full belly laugh. He was curious and excited to give it a try. About a week later I started receiving feedback. Here at just a few comments...you know that bidet that you got me is GREAT!! Its so easy to use. The stream is real nice and does a great job at cleaning. Using less toilet paper. Perfect addition to my toiletry bag. (note: he travels often) When I'm finished I rinse it off fold it back up and I'm done. It's AWESOME!

Edward Farrell
Very pleased with on the go personal bidet performance

After installing a bidet at home, I quickly learned how much I missed it when traveling or staying at our camp. My stomach throws me curveballs all the time, so I never know what to expect when traveling (either the never ending wipe or chaffing from diarrhea) - and don’t forget the frustration of compact RV toilets making it almost impossible to reach back there anyhow. I bought this personal bidet just out of the hope it would help relieve the effects of these issues just a little. I was pleasantly surprised the first time I used it. I found it to be reasonably quiet. The tank generally holds enough water to get the job done (at least better than toilet paper alone). The pressure is no where that of a regular bidet, but it has more than enough pressure to do what I need it to do. Camping and traveling have become a bit more enjoyable now that I can use this little extra comfort of home.

Sheri Sykes

lol! This product is amazing amazing. We have one at home installed and we love it. My husband had back surgery so he cannot "turn that way" anymore and I am "of a larger nature". We were getting ready to go on vacation and I saw an ad on facebook for this. I immediately went on here and ordered one. I read the reviews and thought it would help us out a little while on vacation. This did everything we needed, with the added bonus that you can fill it with warm water if you want. It was powerful enough, the reservoir was big enough, it "went where it was supposed to". Super impressed and now our vacations will be as easy as at home for personal clean up.