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KleenKlub Portable Bidet with Automatic Decompression Film for Better Water Output, Has More Than 100mL Capacity, Powerful Pressure for That True Bidet Feel, Enough For Your Nature Business While Traveling!

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KleenKlub Portable Bidet with Automatic Decompression Film for Better Water Output, Has More Than 100mL Capacity, Powerful Pressure for That True Bidet Feel, Enough For Your Nature Business While Traveling!

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Get Better Personal Hygiene When You’re Traveling Outdoors, Caring For Your Baby During a Trip — the KleenKlub Comes with Enough Capacity to Help You feel Clean While on the Road!


Clean Travels with This Portable Bidet with High Water Pressure, and Enough Water Capacity for All Your Hygiene Needs on the Road

Even while you’re on the road, it’s still important to keep clean!

If you’re over this outdoor advice on how to keep clean, we have good news for you — the KleenKlub is here to help you get that thoroughly clean feeling that you deserve even while you’re outdoors. 

With high-water capacity, and strong water pressure – yes, just like an actual bidet – makes the KleenKlub an excellent alternative for your hygiene needs!

KleenKlub Portable Bidet Features

  • The water pours out smoothly and strongly just like an actual bidet! If you’re looking for a bidet that you can actually use outdoors just like what you have indoors, the KleenKlub can do it for you. The bidet now comes with an automatic decompression film that prevents any water blockage.
  • Powerful water capacity that can serve its hygienic purposes. Whether you’re cleaning a baby’s poopoo, or doing your hygiene routine, the KleenKlub comes with strong water output that is great for a bidet for the outdoors!
  • Multipurpose portable bidet that you can use for bathroom breaks, bathing your baby, or even washing the dishes. If you have to carry the KleenKlub, you won’t have to worry because it’s going to be worth it. The multipurpose design makes in all-around solution.
  • Comes with a nozzle that can be adjusted 180-degrees — using this is totally convenient! You don’t need to move around as much just to operate the KleenKlub. The bidet itself is very flexible and has a nozzle that you can conveniently adjust while you’re using it.
  • Made from high-quality materials. The bidet is also ergonomic in design so using it is intuitive!  The fuselage consists of high-quality silicone + ABS material , non-toxic and harmless, prism-shaped anti-skid design make you feel more comfortable when hand it, you will definitely fall in love with the 180 degree adjustment nozzle which can rush all the corners easily.
  • Easy to use, convenient to carry anywhere! To use the KleenKlub, all you need to do is to remove the cover and fill it with water, press the H / L key to start working according to your needs; the 48×160mm Size make it easily fits into any backpack, briefcase, purse, tote bag or glove box when not in use.

Why Should You Choose KleenKlub Portable Travel Bidet?

  • We have improved instability of water pressure in 1st generation.
  • We improved the manufacturing process and improved the waterproof rating to IPX6 to clean the machine more easily.
  • This product provides a simple and effective way to clean, so that you and your family live a clean and comfortable life.
  • This product can make the home of the baby, pregnant women, the elderly, the patient’s personal hygiene improved.


  • Size:47*156mm
  • Weight:0.215kg
  • Metrials:ABS/silica gel
  • Cup capacity:140mL
  • Color:White/Pink/Green
  • Batteries:2*AAA(not include)
  • Motor power:3V
  • Certification:CE/FCC/RoHs
  • Volume: 140ml
  • Waterproof rating: IPX6
  • Full charge L file average water: ≥ 110mL / min
  • Full charge H file average water: ≥ 140mL / min

How to Use?

Packcage Include

  • 1 * Portable Bidet
  • 1* Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
James Walton
Excellent pressure, works great

The thing I hate most about traveling is not having a bidet. I'm very glad I chose this particular travel bidet after doing a lot of research. Easy placement either via the front or back. Holds plenty of water to do the job without having to refill in the middle of cleaning. Empties out completely with no residual water left inside. People said they had a problem with it leaking, but mine didn't leak at all. They tell you to place your finger over the air hole in the bottom while carrying it and turning it upside down and that kept it from leaking for me. Very affordable and very easy to travel with. Overall, I think this is the best travel bidet purchase I could have made.

Brittney Clemons
Great travel bidet!

We are new to the world of bidets and have recently installed one at home and wanted one for on the go. This one works great! The wand on the nozzle is the perfect length to reach your backside. The spray nozzle has good water pressure. The valve on the bottom of the water bottle is super nice and makes it easier to use. It packs up nicely and the travel bag is super convenient. I usually use two bottle fulls of water. It might be nice if it held more water but the size is very convenient. I tried the other travel bidet but I like this one alot better.

I use it regularly at home - life changing!

I work from home and have transitioned a lot of my disposables (tissues, feminine hygiene, TP) to reusable items, and I purchased this after some research in the same efforts. I actually haven't used it for travel yet, so this is more of an at-home review, but I plan to use it for upcoming trips this spring. It's very easy to use (filling, storing, using). It only took a couple times to get used to the angle. It's ergonomic and easy to squeeze. I don't have any drips out of the bottom/airlock area, as some of the reviewers have. Gets everything clean very quickly . I haven't had any issues with dripping, splashing/spray, or any messiness, especially after a couple times getting used to it . I also use it for cleanliness during menstruation or after a workout if needed (esp if I can't shower right away) - an easy way to feel clean and have a quick rinse without using disposable wipes or fragrance/chemicals. I have reusable cotton flannel TP that I use to make sure I'm all clean and to dry off. Definitely recommend, especially if, like most reusable transitions or new items, you're willing to give it a few tries to get used to it.

Ralph Villarreal
Highly recommend! Fresh & clean!

This product is amazing. Basically the reason I got this was because at home we use a water bidet, it’s installed into our toilet and it works great. We love our bidet. Now, when we go travel whether it’s road trip or a flight somewhere, we always dread going to the bathroom because we can’t properly clean ourselves like we do at home with our bidet, especially number 2. So, I caved in. I decided to order this and give it a go on our one week long trip to a different state. I instantly loved it and was so glad we made this purchase. It’s easy to use, makes you feel so fresh and clean, and it’s very effective in my opinion! It does the job so well, trust me. This was my reasoning behind getting this and I am happy with my purchase. I highly recommend it to others! Such a great travel find. Just be careful with squirting it on your clothes or something. It’s not hard to use, you’ll get the hang of it quickly.

Gregory Cluck
2nd purchase!

Bidets have replaced our primitive asian Tabos at home, and we wanted to make sure we always have something like that for travel. I prefer, because it holds more water, you don't have to worry about batteries, and you can clean it more thoroughly without worrying about damaging anything. It cleans fairly well. Overall, a solid product that deserved us buying it again!