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FluxFeel Premium Portable Bidet with Adjustable Water Pressure and Output, 230-ml Water Capacity, Multifunctional Design

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FluxFeel Premium Portable Bidet with Adjustable Water Pressure and Output, 230-ml Water Capacity, Multifunctional Design

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Premium Portable Handheld Travel Bidet Spray

Looking for a cleaner and more fulfilling alternative to toilet paper? Our exclusive portable bidet was designed to make it easy to fully cleanse your rear with a special rinse of pressurized water.

Equipped with 230mL of water storage size, this bidet spray is perfect for both males and females. Not only can the travel bidet be operated with a single press of a button, but it also contains a rotating pipe which can adjust the direction the water is sprayed from.

Best part of all, our handheld bidet can be used at home or while on the go with ease! The small & compact design of the bathroom bidet makes it extremely easy to store and carry from place to place. Clean and germ-free cleaning no matter where you are!
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  • CLEAN – Why get your hands dirty with those toilet paper rolls which are most likely touched by other people? This bidet attachment makes it extremely easy to fully wash the rear without directly getting in contact with the skin and provide a cleaner cleansing experience.
  • PORTABLE – Due to the small and compact size, the portable bidet is extremely easy to carry. After use, simply wash the pipe under water to ensure safety for others and store it away in a clean storage box or bag.
  • EASY TO USE – Using our bidet spray is as simple as filling it up with water, pushing the ‘ON’ button, and washing away! Simple, convenient, and quick.

Applicable users and places:

  • Routine after-stool cleaning
  • Lady cleaning after urinating
  • Baby diaper changing cleaning
  • Disabled person
  • public toilet
  • temporary residence
  • business travel
  • Outdoor sports

Applicable people:

  • Hemorrhoid patients
  • constipate
  • diarrhea
  • hypertension
  • women’s period
  • handicapped

How to Use?

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  • Water capacity: 230ml.
  • Weight: 260g
  • Chargeable lithium battery: 5V / 1000mA
  • Water-proof: 1m
  • Power consumption: Maximun 4W
  • Battery duration: Around 100 cycles
  • Standby time: Maximum 30 days
  • Battery charging time: Around 2 hours
  • Cycle time: 60 sec (soft spray), 40 sec (strong spray)
  • Two-speed silicon button
  • with USB chargeable cable
  • Working temperature: lessa than 50 degree celsius
  • power strength of the water jet:
  • 50cm for strong spray water in vertical direction
  • 30cm for weak spray water in vertical direction
  • output should be 5V.
  • Colour:White, Blue,Red
  • Material:ABS
  • Size:Usage size: 32*6*6cm
  • Pocket size: 15*6*6cm

Package Contents:

  • 1* Electric Bidet Sprayer
  • 1*USB cable

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Minnie Koh
Amazing and stays clean

This is a great tool! I am a gym rat and I was looking for a good way to keep things clean and fresh while wearing leggings daily. Orders from sweat and fluids can really make work out leggings stinky. This definitely does the trick to clean things up. I am highly sensitive to deodorants and even toilet paper fibers so i use this instead, during the day while at home, like a mini bidet (for front only). This will not travel full but could go with you if you have access to water or water bottles on the go and really need to carry it around. A waterproof zip travel bag might be nice… It’s so hard to post something this personal but I truly want to help other women! This is a great product… if only we could heat up the water a bit - winter is brutal!

Thomas Ferguson
Bidet is better

I have been using a bidet for a few years now end it has been a game changer. Especially if you have any issues with this kind of thing. It is so much cleaner, more sanitary and more healthy than the old way. So much so, that I thought it was imperative that I find a good travel bidet. The bottle types are OK but they can be clumsy to use and the pattern is wide enough to shower under. Enter the Mighty Rock. Portable, easy to use with a nice tight pattern. And you don’t have to worry about whether it’s charged or not. I’m leaving one in the car.

Charles Robertson
Got it for hiking. Uses it in my bathroom

I got this for hiking (as someone with IBS tho gs can be messy in the backwoods) I have used it hiking a few times. One thing I learnt was when I feel like I might need it at some point soon to fill it up early so it’s ready to go because filling this and digging a cat hole can take a lot of time. I also started using it at home.
It is refreshing and makes me feel clean.

Michelle Welch
Fantastic Travel Bidet!

I have home bidets so I was prepared to have a mere shadow of the bidet experience with this device. Boy, was I ever surprised! It really does a very good job. A single canister of water gets things taken care of in 90% of the cases. I can add warm or cold water, have a steady stream, or manually pulse the stream. I am mobility-impaired and this makes all the difference when traveling. I know I can ensure that everything is nice and clean after the ''paperwork; is done. I think it could be used without paper as well. KUDOS for this wonderful device. Now I can travel in confidence and the washlet is very discreet.

Pauline Prentice
Don't travel without this gem!

After having hemorrhoid surgery, we went on a road trip a week later. We have bidet seats on our toilets at home and this is a lifesaver after this type of surgery. I was concerned about not having my bidet seat while traveling and saw this on here. It seemed a little pricey but I thought I would try it anyway. This little device made me a happy traveler! I kept it in my purse with a bottle of water and was able to use it at roadside rest stops to hotels. Now that I’m recovered I still keep it in my bag for easy access to a bidet. Definitely worth the money for me, now that I have used it