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RadiantRay Mood-Boosting Light Therapy Lamp – A10000 Lux Full Spectrum Light, Adjustable Brightness & Color Temp, 4 Timers, Portable Design, Rotatable Stand, Memory Function

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RadiantRay Mood-Boosting Light Therapy Lamp – A10000 Lux Full Spectrum Light, Adjustable Brightness & Color Temp, 4 Timers, Portable Design, Rotatable Stand, Memory Function

In Stock · FREE Shipping!




Hey there, light lovers! Are you tired of the same old dreary lighting in your workspace or home? Meet the RadiantRay Mood-Boosting Light Therapy Lamp – your new best friend for those days when the sun decides to play hide-and-seek. This isn’t just any lamp; it’s like a personal sun that doesn’t require sunscreen.

Imagine flipping a switch and instantly being wrapped in a blanket of sunshine. That’s RadiantRay for you, with its 10000 Lux of full-spectrum light! Whether you’re battling the winter blues, needing a focus boost, or just craving some good ol’ Vitamin D vibes, this lamp’s got you covered. And the best part? No UV rays, so you can bask without the risk. Stay tuned, because there’s a lot more to this sunny sidekick than just light! 🌞💡🎉

Sunshine at Your Fingertips!

Ever feel like the sun’s taking a personal day just when you need it most? With 10000 lux intensity, RadiantRay brings the best of sunny days indoors, minus the UV risks. It’s your personal sunshine, on tap!

Tailor-Made Light for Your Mood!


Feeling focused or in need of relaxation? Adjust the brightness and color temperature to create the perfect ambiance. Whether it’s a cozy evening glow or a bright morning light, RadiantRay adapts to your mood.

Remember Me?

The memory function of RadiantRay is like having a thoughtful friend who remembers exactly how you like your light. No more fiddling around to find your sweet spot every time!

Time It Right!

With its 4 timer settings, RadiantRay is like a considerate buddy reminding you when it’s time to take a break. Perfect for managing your light therapy sessions or simply ensuring you don’t overdo the artificial sunshine.

See the Light from Any Angle!

The 90° rotatable bracket is like having a sun that moves just for you. Get the best angle for your light therapy, reading, or just brightening up your space.

Your Sunshine, On the Go!

Compact and portable, this lamp is like carrying a piece of sunshine in your bag. Light up your space wherever you go – it’s sunshine without the sunburn!

Brightness Just Right!

From dim to dazzling, RadiantRay lets you control the brightness from 20% to 100%. It’s like having a light dimmer for the sun in your living room.

Versatility at Its Best!

Whether you’re working in the office or chilling at home, this lamp fits right in. Its large light-emitting surface ensures you’re always basking in just the right amount of light.

A Spectrum of Benefits!


3000K to 6500K color temperature range means you can choose from warm to cool light. It’s like having a color palette for your daily lighting needs.

Bring the best of the sun indoors with RadiantRay – it’s like having a sunny day, every day, regardless of the weather outside! 🌞💡🎉

Light Up Your Life Now!

Why wait for a sunny day to feel your best? The RadiantRay Mood-Boosting Light Therapy Lamp is here to bring the sunshine straight to your doorstep. But hurry, this burst of indoor sunshine won’t last forever! Seize this chance to turn every day into a bright and joyful experience. Don’t let the clouds of routine dim your sparkle. Click that ‘Add to Cart’ button and let RadiantRay light up your world today. Remember, great days are just a light switch away!

Tech Specs Decoded

For those who love a bit of tech talk, here’s the lowdown on what makes RadiantRay a must-have:

  • Intensity: Up to 10000 lux, like a sunny day in your room.
  • UV-Free: Safe and sound, without the sunburn.
  • Adjustability: 5 brightness levels, and a color temp spectrum from 3000K to 6500K.
  • Memory Know-How: Remembers your last setting – a real smarty lamp.
  • Timers: 15/30/45/60 minutes – because time flies when you’re having fun.
  • Rotation: 90° of versatility – it’s practically doing yoga.
  • Portability: Compact size for sunshine on the go.
  • Power Source: Plugged in for uninterrupted glow.

Get ready to turn up the brightness on your day with RadiantRay! 🌟💡🌈


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Amanda Fay
 Great sun lamp!

I looked at several options of this brand's sunlights and I settled on this one because of cost, size, and ease of use. I like the timer because I often forget to turn my lamp off. I generally use it while I'm putting my makeup on in the morning and it helps me to start the day with a positive attitude and a decent light source for styling. It has three brightness settings and is super portable in case anyone would like to take it with them to use throughout the day. The timer has multiple length settings and is easy to use. Highly recommended.

Christine Andrews
I feel like it's actually working!

I haven't been as tired as I normally am after about a 2 weeks using the light regularly. I have it on the lowest brightness and set it up next to my computer monitor at work. I have no windows in my office so daylight is a rarity. I do leave it on much longer than they suggested, most of the morning (about 4 hours) as opposed to an hour. But this past weekend I didn't feel exhausted and like I needed to nap everyday.

Rocio Gant
It's a simple lamp, but it works well

This is a very simple lamp. But, for the price, I'm very happy with the quality and brightness. The timer function is simple but works for my needs (usually I just use it for an hour in the morning to help me wake up). I also find this really helpful on cloudy days to counteract seasonal depression. And it's bright enough to light up my whole dorm room. Overall, it's a simple but effective lamp. Well worth it for those wanting to try out light therapy but don't need advanced features.

Martha Grigg
Great for winter and dreary days

A friend recommended these to me. I was so impressed that I bought a bunch and gave them out as Christmas gifts last year. As a person who struggles with seasonal depression, I really do think they help during the winter months or even during rainy/dreary days. They are super bright, but follow the directions and don't give up on them right away, they take some time for you to get used to them. And if I don't want the brightness I just face them towards the wall (to use more as an accent light instead for what they are designed for).

Maria Frederick
Makes a great gift for college students

I gave each if my college-aged sons a Happy Light for Christmas. Both used their lights during the winter months on their desks while doing work. I was really impressed with the thoughtful features not found on my older, larger light. I have had a full-sized lightbox for years and have really felt the benefits and wanted my sons to enjoy the same during the dreary Michigan winter. They both felt using the light improved their alertness and mood.