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AuraGlow Wellness Light Therapy Lamp – UV-Free, 5 Brightness Settings, Adjustable Color Temperature, 6 Timers, Rotatable Stand, Ideal for Mood & Sleep Improvement

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AuraGlow Wellness Light Therapy Lamp – UV-Free, 5 Brightness Settings, Adjustable Color Temperature, 6 Timers, Rotatable Stand, Ideal for Mood & Sleep Improvement

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Light Therapy Lamp

Hey there, fellow luminary enthusiasts! Are you craving a little extra glow in your life, but the sun’s just not cutting it? Say hello to the AuraGlow Wellness Light Therapy Lamp – your new ally in the quest for mood and sleep nirvana. This isn’t just a lamp; it’s like a personal mood booster and sleep enhancer wrapped into one sleek package.

Think of it as your very own sun, minus the UV rays and the inconvenient need to be outdoors. Whether you’re looking to kick those winter blues, ramp up your focus, or just create a cozy ambiance, AuraGlow’s got your back. And the best part? You can tailor it to your personal light preferences – because let’s face it, we’re all a little unique in our luminous needs! 🌞💡🌙

Say Hello to Your Personal Daylight!

With a whopping 10000 Lux, AuraGlow is like having a pocket-sized sun in your room. Perfect for those gloomy days when the real sun is playing hard to get.

Custom Light for Your Delight!

Light Therapy Lamp

Five dimming levels mean you can adjust the brightness to match your mood. Whether it’s full-on brilliance or a gentle glow, AuraGlow adapts to your needs like a chameleon to its environment.

Color Your World!

Adjustable color temperatures from a warm 3000K to a cool 6500K let you choose the vibe. Feeling cozy or need to be energized? AuraGlow’s got your hue.

Time It Right, Every Night (or Day)!

Light Therapy Lamp

With six timer options, AuraGlow is like having a personal assistant to remind you when it’s time to wind down or wrap up your light session.

Flexibility at Its Finest!

The 180° rotatable stand means you can angle the light just right, whether you’re reading, working, or just chilling out. It’s like having a sun that moves to your command.

Efficient and Effective!

Light Therapy Lamp

AuraGlow’s energy-efficient design ensures you’re not just lighting up your space, but doing it in a smart, eco-friendly way. It’s like being a light warrior for the planet!

Ready to embrace the light? AuraGlow is more than just a lamp; it’s your ticket to a brighter, happier you! 🌟💡🌈

Light Up Your Life Today!

Why wait for brighter days when you can have them now with AuraGlow? This isn’t just a lamp; it’s a lifestyle upgrade. Don’t let this chance slip away! Seize the moment and bring the AuraGlow into your life today. Imagine the transformation – better mood, improved sleep, and a personal oasis of perfect light. Hurry, your personal slice of sunshine is just a click away. Let AuraGlow be the bright spot in your day – because everyone deserves their own personal ray of sunshine, rain or shine!

The AuraGlow Blueprint

For those who love the details, here’s the breakdown of what makes AuraGlow shine:

  • Power: An efficient 11.5W, because less can be more.
  • Adapter: Comes with a sturdy 20V/0.9A adapter.
  • Brightness: A sun-like 10000 Lux, for those days the sun forgets to shine.
  • Dimming Levels: 5 options, because one size doesn’t fit all.
  • Color Temperature: From a cozy 3000K to an energizing 6500K.
  • Timers: Six choices, because timing is everything.
  • Rotatable Stand: 180° of flexibility, like a sunflower following the sun.

Dive into the world of AuraGlow and let it illuminate your life with just the right light! 🌞💡🌟

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Hillary Brown
Immediately Elevated my Mood Due to Low Sunlight Exposure!

I bought this lamp because I work in a basement from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and I noticed recently that my mood is much better (I'm much more energetic and much happier) when I go upstairs at lunch where there are numerous windows, and when I go outside during the daylight hours. It finally occurred to me to try a light therapy lamp, and I noticed a huge change within 10/15 minutes of turning it on near my desk. I'm not fatigued during the workday in the basement now, and I'm in a significantly better mood. This is absolutely worth the slight cost!

Carol Converse
Works great!

This lamp does exactly what I expected and wanted it to do. I keep it on the entire day at work when I am in the office and I am not tired, less sluggish and no headaches. It’s seriously what I’ve needed for years but I’m so glad I have this now and I will never be in the office without it. It is super bright but it’s suppose to be so I would recommend people with sensitive eyes to use on the lowest setting. I have no complaints, I love this product!

Mary Hines
Inexpensive and works like a charm

With the long winters here, in northern California, someone recommended that I try this because we’ve been having unusually dark gray days even into May this year. It’s very small and portable so you can put it in your suitcase if you travel. The only thing you could use this for is small detail work being able to get enough light to see what you’re trying to do. That’s not what it’s designed for but it will work for that also. I think it’s worth the price.

Ronald Bryant
changed my life this winter

i do not have diagnosed SAD but i grew up in a tropical area and found that the sun rising and setting earlier in the winter really had an affect on my mood. this lamp certainly changed things for me, and i have found new uses for it. I come home at 5 PM when it would be dark and turn it on, sit next to it for even 5 minutes and i can feel my energy come back on. I have also started using it after i turn off my sleep alarm, as i found the bright light in my room mimics the sun and helps me get up and out of bed on dark cold mornings. It’s great on a nightstand next to your bed. Last winter i remember falling into a depression and this year has really felt different. I cannot recommend this lamp enough.

Veronica Lane
Rated well and inexpensive.

I live in a hot and sunny state, but I cannot sit out in the sun because of skin sensitivity. I need the sun, but I have to be so careful. I looked up the best light therapy lights and saw that the second one on the list was very inexpensive, so I bought it. It works well. I haven’t used it long enough to say how well it works, but I feel much better knowing that I have made a step in the right direction.