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TheraLux High-Intensity SAD Light Therapy Lamp – 22600 Lux, 5-Level Dimmable, UV-Free LED, Memory Function, Energy-Boosting Light Therapy, Touch Control, Mood & Energy Enhancer

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TheraLux High-Intensity SAD Light Therapy Lamp – 22600 Lux, 5-Level Dimmable, UV-Free LED, Memory Function, Energy-Boosting Light Therapy, Touch Control, Mood & Energy Enhancer

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Hey there, fellow sunlight-seeker! You know how the lack of sun can really mess with your vibe? Well, let me introduce you to the TheraLux High-Intensity SAD Light Therapy Lamp – a game-changer in battling those gloomy, sun-starved days. Imagine a personal slice of sunshine, right at your desk, minus the UV rays. Pretty cool, right?

This lamp is not just another pretty face in the world of light therapy. With its whopping 22600 Lux brightness (we’re talking serious sun-level oomph here), it’s like having a mini sun in your room. And the best part? It’s UV-free! So you get all the perks of sunlight without turning into a lobster. Plus, it’s a mood and energy enhancer. Say goodbye to feeling like a zombie and hello to being the life of the (home) office!

Stay tuned, because there’s more to this luminous wonder than meets the eye!

Sunshine On-Demand!

Ever miss the sun on those endless gray days? With a dazzling 22600 Lux brightness, this lamp is like your personal pocket sun, minus the sunburn. It’s perfect for brightening up your space and your mood.

Customize Your Sunshine!

Not feeling super bright today? No problem! With 5 adjustable brightness levels, you can dial down the dazzle to suit your mood. It’s like having a dimmer switch for the sun!

Safe Rays All Day!

Love the sun but not the UV? This lamp is UV-free, giving you all the good vibes without the risk. It’s like basking in the sun without the ouch.

Mood Lighting, Literally.

Choose from 3 color temperatures to match your mood or activity. Whether you need focus or relaxation, there’s a light for that. It’s like having a mood ring, but for your room!

Take Your Sunshine Everywhere!

Portable and lightweight, this lamp goes where you go. Whether it’s a gloomy office or a dim corner at home, you can always have your personal sunshine with you.

Smart Lamp Remembers Your Vibes!

Hate resetting your gadgets? The memory function remembers your last settings. It’s like having a lamp that knows you better than you know yourself!

Touch and Glow!

No more fumbling with buttons – a simple touch is all it takes to adjust your light. It’s like magic, but with LEDs.

Dim the Lights, Set the Mood!

With its dimmable feature, create the perfect ambiance for any occasion. It’s like being the DJ of your own light show.

Built to Last!

Crafted with durable APS material, this lamp is not just a pretty face; it’s tough too. Like a loyal friend, it’s in for the long haul.

Energy Efficient Brightness!

Using only 6-7.5W of power, it’s not just bright; it’s smart. Saving energy while giving you light, it’s like having cake and eating it too!

Light Up Your World!

With 144 LED beads, the light is evenly distributed, ensuring a consistent glow. It’s like having the perfect lighting for your own personal photoshoot.

More than Just a Pretty Light!

Primarily a SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) Light Therapy Lamp, it’s your ally in combating those winter blues. It’s like having a sunshine buddy for the tough days.

Place It Your Way!

With its adjustable stand and hanging option, place it wherever suits you best. Whether it’s on a table or hanging on a wall, it’s your light, your way.

Efficiency Meets Style!

Not just a lamp, but a statement of efficiency and style. It lights up your room and your ecological conscience. It’s like being an environmental superhero, one light at a time.

There you go! Each feature turned into a benefit, making this lamp not just a product, but a lifestyle enhancer. 🌞💡👍

Seize the Day, Seize the Light!

Don’t let another dreary day drag you down. Embrace the TheraLux High-Intensity SAD Light Therapy Lamp and transform those blah moments into ahhh moments! But wait, there’s more – act now, and you’re not just buying a lamp; you’re investing in a brighter, happier you. Why wait for the sun to shine when you can have it right now, at the touch of a button? Grab your slice of sunshine today, because let’s face it, who knows when Mr. Sun decides to take another vacation?

Tech Specs Unleashed

For those who geek out over specs, here’s the lowdown on what makes the TheraLux not just a lamp, but a lifeline to luminosity:

  • Maximum Brightness: 22600 Lux LED, a beacon of brilliance.
  • Brightness Levels: 5 adjustable settings for every mood.
  • UV-Free LED: All the light, none of the lobster.
  • Color Temperatures: 3 options, because one size doesn’t fit all.
  • Portability: Light as a feather, ready to travel.
  • Memory Function: Smart enough to remember your last setting.
  • Touch Control: A gentle tap for a burst of brightness.
  • Dimmable: From dazzling to dim, you’re in control.
  • Material: Built with sturdy APS for durability.
  • Power Efficiency: Sips only 6-7.5W, because less is more.
  • LED Bead Count: 144 beads for an even, eye-pleasing glow.
  • Main Purpose: A warrior against Seasonal Affective Disorder.
  • Placement Flexibility: An adjustable stand and wall-hanging option.
  • Energy Efficiency: Your wallet and planet will thank you.

Note: This product needs to be plugged in at all times

So, there you have it – a lamp that’s not just a source of light, but a beacon of hope for brighter days ahead! 🌟🔆🌈

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Cheryl Goodwin
Don't miss out on this wonderful light to add wonderful happiness to your day !

I found out about this very "special" Happy Light-it is just like shown !! One of the girls I work with how easy it was to order and use at a very resonable price ! it arrived quickly , so easy to use and at such a great price ! I LOVE it --easy to use,good size, and it blends in well wherever it is placed ! So simple to order and use I would giveit a it a 5star rateing ! Don't let a great purchase get away--HURRY--HURRY-HURRY and ENJOY--ENJOY--ENJOY your GREAT purchase !

Mary Hall
One Button & Your Day is a Bit Brighter

I purchased this light to brighten my days during the overcast Midwest days between November and March. I’ve been using it for over a month now. While I still can’t speak to the mental benefits, I think this light is pretty incredible for what it is. Incredibly thin and bright. When I’m focused on my work and this light is turned on, I forget about the weather outside because of how bright this light is. It’s been enjoyable to use.

Feels Like Antidepressants for Winter Blues

Bought a happy light before but didnt notice the difference prolly because I was on antidepressants so i got rid of it. Bought this happy light and tried it again once i got the winter blues in the fall and this time i wasnt on antidepressants and this time i really have noticed a difference. Using the light feels like im on antidepressants or it feels like im in summer and happy but its january and cold and dark. Hope this helps someone else get off antidepressants for their winter blues!

Highly recommend mounting this thing to a treadmill and running every day during the winter.

Ramona Nicholson
Immediately Changed my Room for the Better

I despise the winter months. They always make me miserable. I hate the cold, and I really hate it being dark at 4pm.

I put this light on my desk at home and have been using it for about 30 minutes in the morning and and hour in the evening. It completely changes the mood of my room. Brightens it up immensely and makes it feel more like a nice sunny day than the miserable reality that lays outside my windows.

Now, I can't speak to the clinical benefits or lack thereof, but I can tell you that this creates a visually warmer environment that helps me wake up and function. Maybe it's placebo effect, maybe there really is something to light therapy, but either way it has had a positive effect at a very reasonable price point.

Doris Ohara
Does just as the name states- Provides Happiness!

The grey overcast Winter Midwest days can become very gloomy so I purchased 2 of these Lights; one for myself and one for my sister and we both LOVE them! These lights provide the feeling of instant sunshine which is a definite mood booster. The light is very easy to use. The timer function of 15 minute intervals is the perfect way to increase the amount of light you want to use. The brightness feature of how bright you want the light to be is an added bonus. If you are "undecided" about making this purchase, just make place this item in your cart and BUY it, you will be so HAPPY you did!