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NeckTrex Chiropractic Neck Stretcher Pillow and Cervical Traction Device for Pain Relief

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

NeckTrex Chiropractic Neck Stretcher Pillow and Cervical Traction Device for Pain Relief

In Stock · FREE Shipping!




Attention all those who suffer from neck pain, headaches and muscle tension! Introducing NeckTrex Chiropractic Neck Stretcher Pillow and Cervical Traction Device – the ultimate solution to your pain woes!


Are you tired of taking medication and undergoing surgeries to alleviate your neck pain? With NeckTrex, you can now say goodbye to these drastic measures and hello to a pain-free life in just 10-20 minutes a day!

Our cervical traction pillow is designed to help you relax and rejuvenate your neck and shoulders by soothing away stiff neck muscles. Scientific studies have shown that cervical traction devices like ours can significantly reduce neck pain.


Not only that, but NeckTrex is also embedded with millions of permanent magnetic particles that promote blood circulation and help eliminate neck pain and muscle stress. Our firm polyurethane foam gives the neck stable and flexible support, while the breathable and soft magnetic therapy cloth ensures sweat-resistance and cooling.


Our ergonomic design conforms perfectly to the correct form of the cervical spine and provides vertical and horizontal support, as well as curves stretch for more complete neck traction therapy. The six massage granules evenly right on neck muscle areas provide an acupressure shiatsu massage to the cervical spine, relieving cervical neck pain and stiffness, and helping cervical spine alignment.

NeckTrex is lightweight and small, which means you can take it with you wherever you go. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or travelling, this neck support pillow is your nice companion. It’s easy to use and can be comfortably used while lying down on your couch or bed, or even when leaning on it while working in front of your computer.


Please note that this neck stretcher pillow should not be used for more than 20 minutes or all night. It is normal to need 1-3 days to adapt to this pain relief pillow as it needs time to fit your neck contour. NeckTrex is a versatile orthotic that helps in restoring proper cervical curvature and alleviates a variety of ailments such as headache, cervical syndrome, TMJ, and pinched nerves.

With NeckTrex, you can finally say goodbye to your neck pain and muscle tension. Order yours today and start experiencing the benefits of a pain-free life!


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Anthony Tobin
Good Product

I have been going to PT for two years with neck pain, occipital neuralgia, pain down my shoulder and shoulder blade,
and sternoclavicular pain due to 2 c-spine bulging disks, a partial rotater cuff tear as well as a couple of additional shoulder tears. It equals PAIN! My PT has done cervical traction using a device in office but I need to do this several times per day for greater pain relief. It is easy to use. I can walk around while wearing it. The price is spectacular. All around a great addition to at home PT.

Laura Howard

This is the third Inflatable Collar Brace I've bought (different brands) and this is the best. Works well. With this one, there's only one tube and it's got that pinch ball to stop air from leaking. Others have something that looks like a clothes pin sticking out. So imagine wearing a brace with three hoses sticking out and a clothes pin to stop the air from leaking. Kids and dogs will give you that "what is it" look. This brace is the sleekest prettiest brace of them all. Super!!! The BEST! I'd buy it again but I think this one will last a long, long time.

Carol Castilleja
Worth it!!!

I bought this to help improve the motion and flexibility in my neck. I have been suffering with a pinched nerve for over a year. It not only helped alleviate the issue but it improved my posture. I walk around with better posture and not a slumped neck. It doesn't feel that great while using it, sometimes uncomfortable or stiff. Once you finish and get up, you feel great. I recommend it to those who sleep a little funny and always have a stiff neck.

Juan Fortin
Worth it!!!

I did not want to deal with the expense of co-pays for the doctor, X-rays and physical therapy so I looked for a traction device. There are only two types available; one where you hang from a door and this collar. Hanging yourself from a door is not very convenient. This collar, however, is extremely convenient. Within the first 15 minutes of wearing it, I noticed a huge difference. The bulk of the pain was gone. if you wear it the way you're supposed to wear it, 20 minutes 4-5 times each day for several days, I believe you will be successful. I highly recommend this collar to anyone with a pinched nerve in their neck.

Suzanne Janzen
Worth it!!!

We like to travel but riding in the truck for long periods of time gives me a bad neck and headache. I've tried using the usual neck pillows but found them too uncomfortable and always in the way when it's not being used. This device rides in the side door pocket of our truck when not being used. I can inflate it enough to give me just enough support so my head isn't bobbing around when I need it, or I can inflate it more to give some traction when I feel I need it. I can also use it to sleep and adjust the amount of air to my needs at the moment. I can easily be removed quickly. On airplane trips, it takes up little space in my bag. I'm so glad I found this!!