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FlaroLief Heated Shoulder Support Brace, Shoulder Compression Sleeve, Wireless Electric Shoulder Heating Pads Massager, Portable Adjustable Massage Wrap Braces for Men Women with 3 Heating Vibration Settings and LED Display

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FlaroLief Heated Shoulder Support Brace, Shoulder Compression Sleeve, Wireless Electric Shoulder Heating Pads Massager, Portable Adjustable Massage Wrap Braces for Men Women with 3 Heating Vibration Settings and LED Display

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Durable, Firm-Grip Shoulder Brace with Adjustable Heating Pads for That Fast, and Lasting Relief from Shoulder Pain!

Why Choose FlaroLief Shoulder Brace? 

  • Upgrade LED Display
  • USB Rechargeable battery
  • Low Power Warning & Over Heat Protection
  • Fit for Right & Left Shoulder
  • Breathable Neoprene Material
  • Wonderful Shoulder Care Gift

FlaroLief Shoulder Brace Features

  • Upgrade LED Display and Wireless Design : Built-in rechargeable battery for longer time, makes it easy to carry and you can directly check the temperature with the LED display. Shoulder massager supports more occasion to use such as driving , home, office or travel relaxing, the wireless battery allowing you can enjoy this shoulder wraps at anywhere you like.
  • Fit Well for Right & Left Shoulder: The heated shoulder brace fits for men and women, ergonomic Designed for different sizes. It includes one extended shoulder strap to fit chest size from 27″to 55”, arm size from 9” to 16”, fully adjustable to fit your body size and shape ensures comfort for all and fit left/right shoulder. Easy to operate and wear.
  • 3 Vibrating and Heating Modes: On top of the vibrating massaging, our heating shoulder pads provided three different setting of warmth to the shoulder area. The shoulder wrap brace support provide comfy hot therapy for your shoulder, comfortable and safe. Built-in heating pad can warm your shoulder and help you to relax muscles.
  • Comfortable and Breathable Material: Made of high quality neoprene material, durable for long-term use, comfortable and safe. Elastic, stretchable, breathable and lightweight, clean and odorless. There is a mesh bag on this shoulder brace and you can insert a ice or hot water bags pack into the pocket and attach the wrap to the shoulder, It could relax and warm the shoulder.
  • Wonderful Care Tool for Shoulder: Heated shoulder pads is a perfect gift for your family, your friends or someone who needs it. You can enjoy heating and vibration modes at the same time or separately as you need. It helps heat better applied to shoulder area, provide stability support and optimal compression.

3 Heating Mode:

  •  Highest temp(60℃/140℉ to 75℃/167℉)
  • Medium (50℃/122℉ to 60℃/140℉)
  •  Lowest (40℃/104℉ to 50℃/122℉)

3 Vibration Settings :

  • Sustained vibration
  •  Intermittent vibrating
  •  Idle vibrating

How to Use?

  1. Attach the strap to the shoulder warp pad.
  2. Wear the shoulder wrap on your shoulder.
  3. Adjust the size of the arm part.
  4. Adjust the strap of the chest according to your needs.
  5. Hold the power button 2 seconds to turn on the device.Adjust heating and massage modesaccording to your needs.
  6. Suitable for most normal size people. Fit for 27″ to 55″ chest circumference, 9″ to 16″ arm size.

What You Get:

  • 1* Heated Shoulder Wrap –
  • 1* USB Charging Cable
  • 1* Straps
  • 1* Extension Straps
  • 1* User Manual


  1. Please make sure fully charged before first use.
  2. Do’t wash the heated shoulder brace by machine.
  3. Don’t touch the skin directly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
steven H. Deal
Help me with trapezius' pain

Sometimes I get severe pain in the right trapezius area, and I bought this shoulder support in search of relieving my pain. It really makes me feel better to the point of not feeling the pain. Previously I bought the other version which does not bring the extra support of fabric and velcro and did not work because it is very weak and flexible. For my trapezius pain problem this shoulder support works very well.

Tim K. Rolfes
Si far this has worked for me

I had surgery on my shoulder because my age and I'm type 2 diabetic takes longer to heal. And if I don't wear it my shoulder shifts in my retail job. It's been 15 months since my surgery. Without it would be worse.

harry C. Horton
Good shoulder support

I have no rotator cuff left. I was told I needed a reverse shoulder replacement in 2021. I purchased this brace in October 2021. I work 40 hours or more a week preforming maintenance/cleaning. It helps with the popping in my joint (sound and pain). I’m very happy with the results wearing this brace. My doctor’s not thrilled but I’m not scheduling the replacement surgery at this time. I’m so please this is my second purchased brace. The first is still in use but nothing last for ever.

jeannine A. London

My shoulder dislocated over a decade ago. I am now on crutches due to a leg injury and the shoulder has become problematic with the crutch use. It is holding my shoulder in place and decreased the probability of my shoulder dislocating while my leg heals. What a blessing. Highly recommend the shoulder support brace. It is comfortable, easy to put on and wear, doesn't look bulky beneath a shirt. The decision to order this device is the best decision I could have made. Thank you!

James T. duke
Helped Me So Much!

I couldn’t be happier with this brace. I read reviews for probably 10 before I made my purchase. I’m recovering from an arthritic frozen shoulder and couldn’t get a good night’s sleep. Once I realized I was “curling” my shoulder when asleep, I felt I needed a brace. First night I slept well for the first time in 3 months. I only wear it at night as I am in physical therapy and do appropriate exercises/movements during the day.
I purchased it fits perfectly.
Hope this helps!