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MuscoFx Adjustable Orthopedic Shoulder Support Brace, Shoulder Compression Sleeve That Provides Ice Pack Relief for Shoulder Pain, and Great Support for Fast Healing!

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MuscoFx Adjustable Orthopedic Shoulder Support Brace, Shoulder Compression Sleeve That Provides Ice Pack Relief for Shoulder Pain, and Great Support for Fast Healing!

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



The Orthopedic, Adjustable Shoulder Brace with Ice Pack Relief Perfect for All Types of Pain from Muscle Strains to Shoulder Injuries!

Expert-Designed, Proven and Tested Shoulder Brace – Ultimate Pain Relieving Shoulder Brace That Speeds Up Healing From Recent Injury or Chronic Case of Shoulder Pain!

Shoulder pains prevent us from becoming our best. Every movement feels like torture, and you’d want nothing more but to find the best AND fastest solution to the pain that does not seem to go away!

Injuries, overwork, and extreme muscle use are just some of the top reasons for shoulder pain. The bad news: the pain can be terrible. The good news: there’s MuscoFX to fix and minimize the soreness.

How Does MuscoFX Shoulder Brace Help in Shoulder Pain Relief? 

MuscoFX works by compressing the shoulder joint to reduce inflammation, reducing shoulder instability to allow injuries to heal more quickly and in the right position. It also keeps the shoulder elevated to improve blood flow and aid healing.

Why Choose MuscoFX? 

It’s a trusted shoulder brace that can target pressing shoulder pains from:

  • Rotator cuff injuries and tears
  • Arthritis
  • Frozen shoulder syndrome
  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Tendonitis
  • Bursitis
  • Referred pain from the neck or upper back strain
  • Post-op SLAP surgery

The MuscoFX is for Everyone Prone to Shoulder Muscle Overuse and Industries That Require Overexertion

If you’re in the industry which includes heavy lifting jobs, someone who regularly goes to athletic practice that results to an overwork of the muscles of the shoulders, or a
professional musician prone to rotator cuff injury in your bowing hands, this shoulder brace is for you The MuscoFX not only assists in bringing the shoulder back to an optimum position, but it also provides protection from impact that could worsen your shoulder pain!

MuscoFX Shoulder Brace Features

✅ Features an ice pack pocket design that soothes your throbbing muscles. The overall design of the MuscoFX is ergonomic – it covers the entire shoulder to prevent it from wobbling and causing more searing pain. The design secures the joints and muscles properly.

✅ Adjustable shoulder brace that provides you optimum support and pressure for pain relief. The MuscoFX includes a firm, durable strap that you can adjust based on your comfort levels.

✅ Made from elastic nylon material that’s 100% breathable – you won’t have to worry about feeling discomfort. You won’t have to worry about sweating and feeling utterly uncomfortable while you’re wearing the MuscoFX. The breatable fabric comes with micro spots that allow the air to circulate.

✅ Comes with innovative hooks and loop straps to keep the brace from moving and causing you more pain. Most shoulder braces in the market are prone to moving and losing its tight support throughout the duration of you wearing the brace.

✅ Compatible for both shoulders – both left and right shoulders can benefit. The design of the MuscoFX can be comfortably used both for the left and right shoulder. No need to buy 2 braces.

✅ Great for men and women. The adjustable straps make it usable for both men and women.

✅ Shoulder brace you can use anywhere. You can wear it underneath your office clothes, your gym clothes, and your at-home clothes.

✅ Easy-to-wash, easy-to-maintain. 


Perfectly fit for Men and Women

You can use our shoulder brace both for your RIGHT and LEFT shoulder. It uses strong velcro straps and a high-quality buckle thus making it very easy to use and adjustable. Fits most body types and shapes. 

 The stabilizing brace comes with a pocket for cold or hot packs (not included), which can be adjusted for desired compression using its hook and loop straps. The internal pocket can be used to ice the rotator cuff with cold therapy.

Easy To Use:

Packcage Include

  • 1*Shoulder Brace

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Veronica W.brown
Easy to use with injured shoulder

I ultimately had a pinched nerve and this brace helped to stabilize and ease my badly inflamed shoulder and arm when the pain was really bad and while the doctors figured out what was going on. It's not meant for this purpose but it helped me a lot, probably by pulling my shoulder blade into the proper position. You will need help getting it on if you're in a ton of pain but otherwise it's simple.

darcie T. brown
Really helped

I have arthritis and some bursitis in my shoulder. Without this brace I was struggling to get even a couple of hours of sleep at night. Now when my shoulder acts up, I put this brace on and within a matter of minutes my pain level goes down and I am able to sleep comfortably. The brace takes some practice to put on by yourself. Don’t let frustration stop you....this brace is worth the effort.

kathryne R. Rucker
Helped with shoulder bursitis pain

Bought this item to help alleviate some pain caused by a self-diagnosed, stubborn case of shoulder bursitis and to provide my shoulder with support while stationary (sleeping, sitting watching tv, working on my laptop, etc.). I’m a small female (5’1”, 125 lbs) and I was pleasantly surprised at how easily I was able to adjust the different straps to find the fit I needed. The brace does ride up on the side of my neck a little, but as long as I pull my shirt up between the brace and my skin isn’t not a problem.

After using this brace regularly for a few weeks, I have seen a noticeable decrease in my discomfort levels. It will obviously not heal my shoulder on its own as I need to do rehab exercises for that, but I can definitely say it’s a vital part to my recovery.

Paula D. Wade
Highly recommend

This shoulder brace has been a God send with much relief of pain for my husband, gave him better range of motion without the constant pain - helps to put off the surgery as doctor said that is the last resort so my message to the sufferer is to try this product, you'll be glad yo did . . . . thanks for a great product

Lewis L. betts
Comfortable and well made

The brace was very easy to use on an injured shoulder. I was able to wear it with minimal movement of my left arm where I have injured my rotator cuff muscles. I wore it all night and it helped stabilize my arm during sleep quite well. It has a provision to put heat or ice pack on the shoulder, have not used it yet but I can see the usability. It has a very low profile so it is not that visible when you wear a shirt or equivalent over it.

Package was delivered on time; overall happy with this purchase.