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BascoStrap Shoulder Brace, Shoulder Compression Sleeve for Shoulder Support and Compression – Comes with Adjustable Straps, Firm Velcro Grip, and Left-Right Shoulder Compatibility

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BascoStrap Shoulder Brace, Shoulder Compression Sleeve for Shoulder Support and Compression – Comes with Adjustable Straps, Firm Velcro Grip, and Left-Right Shoulder Compatibility

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Speed Up the Healing Process and Don’t Let the Throbbing Shoulder Pain Keep You From Feeling Process – The BascoStrap Takes Healing Up a Notch and Provides Compression and Support that Makes Pain Go Away

The Most-Trusted Shoulder Brace in The Market For its Excellent Grip, Compression, and Pressure, and Topnotch Design That Assists in Eliminating Pain! 

No shoulder pain should be ignored completely. What starts as a minimal pain can become something extreme after a few days. Healing the pain from arthritis, overwork, and minor shoulder injuries is now made easier with the BascoStrap!


Why Choose BascoStrap Shoulder Brace?

  • The BascoStrap is an expert-designed product that is effective in the recovery process for a wide range of shoulder injuries varying from a minor discomfort up to more serious medical conditions as Dislocated AC Joint or AC Separation, Bursitis, Rotator Cuff, Labrum Tear, Frozen Shoulder, Sprain, Soreness and even Tendonitis.
  • Gives great support, stability, and optimal compression for a swift rehabilitation process.
  • Restricts unwanted movements to protect your shoulder from further, more serious injuries.
  • Adjustable between 9 to 17 inches, arm size, and a chest size between 31 to 55 inches.
  • Wearing our sleeve if you have the slightest shoulder discomfort will help you prevent future shoulder injuries and will give you improved stability, compression, and support


BascoStrap Shoulder Straps Features

✅ Made with high-quality velcro that offers exceptional grip that doesn’t move or turn loose even if you’re constantly moving. The brace features a strip of heavy-grip velcro that helps you position it on your shoulder. This ensures that the shoulder compression sleeve won’t come out of place while you move.

✅ Non-restrictive Shoulder Brace that still allows you to move. Rotator cuff brace enables you to move freely without aggravating your shoulder injuries. Not only that, but the shoulder brace rotator cuff is held together by a high-quality clip that won’t break down even with prolonged use.

✅ Includes a pocket design for ice compress packs and hot packs to give you added relief. The pressure pocket enables you to place a cold or hot compress for added comfort. You don’t need to hold the packs – the shoulder brace will do it for you.

✅ Expert-crafted ergonomic design that is both effective and comfortable. The shoulder braceemulates the form of your shoulder and then secures the way it moves while granting you enhanced mobility and comfort, and the free extender is added for optimal fit. Our product was carefully engineered and well-tested so that it offers you a swift and speedy recovery process.


  • Material: Neoprene, Velcro

Package Content

  • 1x Dislocation shoulder

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
eunice L. reavis
Very Satisfied

I got this shoulder brace for my husband who has been suffering with shoulder pain for weeks. His job requires lots of shoulder movement and he is also a fisherman. We received the brace and he has been wearing it for about 5 days now and he is so impressed by the results. He says it helps me so much and he will even put it on while he is watching TV or taking a nap on the weekends. I am so happy that I ordered it. Thank you!

michael E. Franklin
Very comfortable, Very effective

I play racquetball most days but have a partially torn rotator cuff making backhand shots so uncomfortable that I often truncate my swing to guard against pain. I've tried other, heavier braces, but they are too restrictive for the high activity of this sport and they require too much adjustment. I also don't want to need someone to help me put on the brace. This brace is easy on with one strap around my torso. It stays in place while I play and, best of all, it works. I rarely think about my shoulder while I play and I don't hurt after play, even multiple matches.

Ronald L. blackmon
provides shoulder support and pain relief from sprains and tears.

I am currently in between seeing doctor's and specialists for My AC joint. It is likely torn unfortunately, but thanks to the BascoStrap Shoulder Support Brace I am able to go about my daily routine without feeling much pain nor discomfort. The straps are very user friendly; take it out of the box and within 2 minutes you are strapped up! The velcro Ice pack strap is such a great idea too. It allows for a fairly sizable Ice pack for the exact area needed with a gentle pressure to ensure a nice relief to any pain or swelling. I hope I will not need surgery, but until that decision gets made, the Zeegler Brace is saving my daily life.

karen J. Halle

Love it. Got it in literally two days. Works wonderfully. I’m getting diagnosed possibly with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, so my shoulder partially dislocates a few hundred times a day. Wish I was kidding. The brace is really good, and keeps my shoulder back and /in place/when I’m out and about or just having a particularly bad pain day. Stabilizing the joint makes all the difference. It’s also really unobtrusive and doesn’t bulge THAT obviously when I’m wearing it under, say, a shirt or a sweater.

stewart S. Silver
Shoulder Brace left or right

I'm 65 I have a unrepairable torn rotator cuff. I've used just about anything over the counter to control the pain. I purchased this brace last week, it came yesterday. I put it on and wore it the remainder of the night. My pain level on a scale of 1-10 far exceeded a 10, I have a high tolerance for pain, this was extreme for me. I got up this morning, brace still in place, but something was missing! 90 % of my pain was gone, I am extremely pleased, I plan on buying another for a spare, and buying one for my brother which also has bad shoulders. I highly recommend this product.