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FlaneexAx TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator for Pain Relief

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FlaneexAx TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator for Pain Relief

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Do you suffer from knee pain? Does it affect your ability to carry out everyday activities, like getting out of bed and walking down stairs?

It might be time to consider electrical stimulation. Electrical stimulation can be useful for treating knee osteoarthritis, particularly in patients who are unable to participate in an exercise program. Imagining exercise can be tough for those who aren’t able to move as much and as easily as others. Many studies identify that electrical stimulation can be a great alternative for relieving pain and stiffness, and for improving physical function (including walking time and ability to go up and down stairs). Many patients also turn to electronic stimulation as a healthier alternative to prescription medications. With electronic stimulation, there are extremely minimal risks of side effects, which will promise a safer course of treatment.


  • Designed for Pain Relief: This isn’t just for your knees! You can apply this to your back, knee, shoulder, ankles, neck, wrist, and elbow.
  • Pre-programmed Modes and Adjustable Timer: Choose from 8 massage modes for a completely unique experience.
  • Easy to Use: With a liquid crystal display screen, you are able to easily select the modes and settings that are specific to your pain and discomfort.
  • Fastest Way to Relieve Pain: You’ll feel the improvement right away with a few uses.
  • Small & Lightweight: This TENS unit is small enough to fit in your back pocket. 
  • FDA, CE, Rohs Approved: Highly ensured for optimal safety. This muscle stimulator further protects you from harmful additives and consumption of prescription medication.

How to Use:


  • Battery: Rechargeable 3.7V Lithium
  • BatteryPower By: USB Cable
  • Modes: 8 Mode
  • Intensity: 10 Levels . 2in
  • Size:15*7*5CM
  • Weight: 0.32kg

Package Includes:

  • 1*host
  • 1 pair* palm-shaped patch
  • 1 pair* oval patch
  • 2*one with two electrode wires 3.5 heads
  • 1*USB cable
  • 1*winding version
  • 1 *manual
  • 1 * Meridian diagram
  • 1*flocking blister


  1. You can plug in the two wires at the same time. Each wire can connect with two pads. One pad is the anode, and the other is the cathode.
  2. If you only plug in one wire, you should make sure that the two pads are connected with the wire and placed on your skin at the same time so that the unit can work properly.


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
richard mcGruder
Overall Very Excited and Pleased

This little device is amazing! Hubs and I take turns using it. He applies the patches to his knee that feels like arthritis and uses the TENS setting for about 30 min. I have chronic nerve pain in my back from an old injury, and apply the patches to my upper back and relax in front of a movie while the TENS does it's job.
The patches are still very sticky and seem to hold up just fine.
I highly recommend if you're suffering from any kind of muscle spasms, nerve pain or arthritis.

Richard talbot
Compact and Powerful - Must Have for Recovery

This little thing packs quite the punch! And the size is super small , Like the other reviewer said 50% is plenty of intensity, anymore is just showing off lol. My lower back has been killing me. I have been using this TENS unit with the 4 large pads on my back for the last 2 days at 50% intensity and I feel sooo much better. Plenty of different pulse settings to choose, I have only charged this thing twice & it has been used several times the last few weeks. The pads are still sticky. And I would definitely recommend.

kenneth owens
Great Product for Joint and Muscle Pain Relief

Great product for joint and pain relief.
Just got em' awhile ago and this thing works wonders! I have occasional knee pains due to early stage of arthritis on both my knees and so far, this helps the muscles and my joints alleviate the pain...hopefully it’ll help on my knee problems. So far so good.
I use to have this TENS/EMS therapy at my PT sessions after a recent knee arthroscopic surgery and it really helped. Getting older sucks but we gotta take care of ourselves, specially the joints and pain management. I have arthritis on both knees and it’s been bothering me lately. Besides the exercises, this is a must for your muscle and joint therapy. It’s good and handy and it helps a lot.

annette Recio
This thing is amazing!

I purchased the FlaneexAx TENS after talking to my daughter who has one and claimed it really helped her lower back pain. I have been diagnosed with A.S. (Ankylosing Spondylitis) which creates severe pain in my right hip and right leg (although both my GP and a Surgeon said it is actually back pain, not hip pain). After receiving the FlaneexAx unit I read the instructions and proceeded to try it out. OMG! This thing is amazing! I can't say the pain goes away forever, but I was relatively pain free for the rest of the afternoon. I used it again this morning for 30 minutes on level 5 and I feel great! No Ibuprofen or Tylenol! No nothing! The unit itself is very small, and has two channels so you could use it on two different areas of your body at the same time. I highly recommend this unit for lower back pain (that's all I have used it for). I'm sure it will help immensely with pain in other areas of your body.

Olga creekmore

Don't underestimate this little unit!!! I don't usually write reviews. But I was kinda floored when I saw how small this unit was. I was thinking this definitely won't be powerful enough to get any real results, and that the battery life will be drained in no time. HOW WRONG I WAS!....This is the best tens unit I've ever used. There's waaay more than enough intensity and battery life in this unit to last for days without recharging! I've already used it for hours and the battery life indicator has only slightly moved! This is one powerful little unit. This time I believe my money was very well spent! 💯