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EmgoHeal Electronic Massager and TENS Device with Electronic Pulse Massager

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EmgoHeal Electronic Massager and TENS Device with Electronic Pulse Massager

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Tens Machine and Electronic Pulse Massager for Instant Body Relief!

Among all the devices for alternative healing, the most trusted in the market is the EmgoHeal. This multipurpose tens machine and electronic pulse massager is a league of its own, thanks to its impressive benefits – healing pained muscles, relieving join issues, bringing the balance to the body, boosting the immune system, relaxes the system, and even improving the way you live your life!

With its infrared physical therapy electrodes, EmgoHeal aims to revitalize your body by improving blood circulation, relieving you from muscle soreness and promoting your metabolism. Unlike other devices, it precisely detects pulses of your body and operates accordingly. With 4-way cable, you can place 4 electrodes on any part of your body and massage them simultaneously.

So, free yourself from all kinds of muscular distress with EmgoHeal. Getting this tens machine with pulse massager can make a difference in your healing journey!

The Best Test Machines – The Features of the EmgoHeal

  • EmgoHeal – the Tens Machine You Can Conveniently Carry Everywhere! This muscle stimulator and TENS machine is compact in size for easy packing and storage. Being lightweight, it’s very convenient to carry everywhere. This machine is really mobile. You can power the EmgoHeal with batteries.
  • The Machines Comes with High-Quality LCD. Equipped with LCD screen for convenient observation of your therapy along with time and speed status. The screen display includes pulse rate, and amount of current.
  • You Can Choose From Different Therapy Modes. The EmgoHeal has four different modes including Press, Rub, Vibrate and Thump. Buttons present on the right panel can be used to select the desired mode.
  • The Design of the EmgoHeal Is Accessible and Easy to Use. The buttons present on the left panel are used to select desired body mode including Shoulder, Waist, Joint, etc. The power of the therapy or massage can be controlled by (-) and (+) buttons. The control buttons are 100% easy to understand.
  • You can Be Assured, The Machine is Premium Quality. The digital therapy machine is made with ABS material which is sturdy and durable. The cables are insulated with PVC material and each of the 16 infrared electrodes can last upto 50 uses.

The Multipurpose TENS Machine for All Kinds of Pain! 

The EgmoHeal TENS machine is a dual-purpose device that can target to all kinds of pain! From the top of your body, to your feet, the EmgoHeal can deliver much-needed current to alleviate any type of pain!

This device is great for multiple purposes. Whether you’re suffering from back pain, high blood pressure, abdominal discomfort, headache, numb fingers, the TENS machine from EmgoHeal can bring you comfort!

The EmgoHeal can make you feel like you’re actually receiving a massage from the spa or from your favorite physical therapist! This TENS machine can help you feel as if you’re getting professional comfort – even in the comforts of your own home.

You can experience relief in just 15 minutes! In under one hour, you can experience total comfort.

Packcage Include

  • 1 *Host
  • 1 *Manual
  • 1 *2-way cable
  • 1 *Storage board
  • 1 *Adapter
  • 1 *Electrode pieces
  • 1 *Acupoints

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
mary L. Bartram
TENS does wonders!

What a gem of a machine during physical therapy for sciatica, I bought TENS for supplemental stimulation that I can do on my own but I can also use the machine for the most stressful spot on my body, my right shoulder (those stress knots!).that's how many spots you can tackle. Heaven. The User's Manual is easy to understand.

Ben G. buck
This is the best thing that I have bought

This is the best thing that I have bought, I am on the computer every day and my neck and my shoulder always was hurting. I have used this on both and it has helped me so much that I can do my work now. I do have to use it just about everyday, so if anyone get this you do have to use it like it says. Well worth the money!!!!

walter G. Doucette
Great for many types of pain

This is a great TENS for all types of muscle pain. We've used it to relieve lower back, hip and knee pain. It's also useful if your muscles are sore. This works as well or better than NSAIDs (aspirin, motrin, tylenol) and is much safer.

I use this along with a heating pad and within 15 minutes it relieves at least 50% or more of your discomfort. If you use this every other day along with therapy exercises you probably won't need anything else to recover. The best way is to make it strong but not uncomfortable. I learned this from my experiences recovering in physical therapy. Note, however, that you should not use heat the first several days of an injury or you could make it worse. My doctor said it's generally safe to use heat after the 5th day.

Mitch A. carver

My wife has been using it the past two days for severe muscle strain in the shoulder area on the right side of her back. She's gone from being so stiff and painful that it was hard to walk, sit down, get up, or lie down to feeling close to pain free and able to move about close to normal. She plans to continue using for the next few days in expectation that the pain will then be completely gone. She thinks it's amazing!

earl foster
Pleasantly surprised

I had zero experience with a unit like this before purchasing, but I'm happy to say it is well worth the price. Speaking of price I wasn't expecting much in the way of quality or accessories, but I was incorrect on both counts. The main unit itself feels to be of good quality, not light & cheaply made. The unit also came with plenty of pads, more than I was expecting that's for sure & plenty of interface cables too.

Being 6'10" I suffer from lower back & shoulder pain. This device has helped greatly with the pain in both shoulders and my back. I cannot speak to how long the unit will hold up, seeing as how I've only had it for a few days. But the quality feels like it should last a long enough time given the purchase price. Even if I only get a year out of it, I'll be happy.

The instruction manual was also surprisingly helpful for anyone needing it. I honestly didn't read through it, I just hooked some pads up to the unit & started pressing buttons until I figured out what was what, fairly straight forward really. But the manual is still very informative nevertheless.