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CooBoo Electric Breast Pump for Moms on the Go (Comes with Bottles!)

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CooBoo Electric Breast Pump for Moms on the Go (Comes with Bottles!)

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Convenience, Safety, and Quality in One Breast Pump!

What makes this different from traditional breast pump? 

Are you tired of using traditional breast pumps that are just too hard, too complicated, too exhausting to use?

If you said yes, it’s time to make the switch to a revolutionary electric breast bump that helps you produce the best milk quality without too much effort, and too much steps! This wireless electric breast pump is 100% for mom and baby. It’s great for the at-home mom who wants to multitask on chores, the office mom who wants to bring the most convenient breast pump at work, and the on-the-go mom who wants to produce breast milk even while they’re traveling and moving from one place to another.

Making breastfeeding moms’ life easier – that’s the goal of the CooBoo electric breast pump! 

Why choose CooBoo? 

It’s a most convenient breast pump! No wires, no multiple parts to clean. No separate bottle to place the milk into. All you need to do is slip and fit the pump, and you’re good to go.

The suction is automatically connected to a BPA-free, non-toxic bottle. No need to transfer milk onto a separate milk bottle. The suction automatically deposits the milk onto a BPA free, safe bottle.

The breast pump with tight seal for no spill. The high-quality suction ensures no milk will be wasted. You can move around without worrying about the pump getting detached.

Delivers the right pumping method that stimulates more milk. The pump prompts a massage the stimulates the glands to produce more milk. If you want to make more milk in every pump, the CooBoo is a high quality choice.

Offers pumping options for moms. Moms have at least 3 modes to choose from. The CooBoo is ideal for inverted nipple, those who want to have relief from mastitis, and those who have a hard time producing milk.

Lightweight and easy to bring anywhere. This low-maintenance breast pump is perfect for pumping on the go!

  • A wireless freestyle breast pump that includes no wires, and no multiple parts. It’s 100% convenient. Say goodbye to complicated – and frustrating – wires. The CooBoo features a slip-and-fit design that makes pumping easier.
  • Moms can conveniently choose between 3 pumping modes. The CooBoo comes with Prolactin Mode for stimulating the milk-making glands; Massage Mode to alleviate any pain from engorgement, and Breast Pumping Mode for efficiently collecting all the milk.
  • For the best milk quality, the CooBoo comes with an anti-flow design. The milk in the bottle will not flow back to the host to avoid secondary pollution, suction mouth, and silicone cylinder.
  • Reliable suction for pumping on the go. The suction is designed to hang onto the flesh properly. No more worrying about milk spilling unintentionally.
  • 100% Noise-free pumping. You can pump while your baby is resting. The CooBoo comes with zero intimidating sounds that might scare your bub.
  • Safe, high-quality materials that are toxin-free. You can be assured the materials and items that come with CooBoo are safe for babies.

Health tips:

  1.  Wash your hands before using a breast pump or handling breast milk.
  2. Warm the breast pump with a hot towel before milking. Massage to stimulate the areola and make the breasts completely clear.
  3. Milking your own pressure. Stop milking when your breasts or nipples are sore.
  4.  Milk can be milked by squeezing out eighth (no more than 20 minutes)
  5. Use a container with a lid when storing breast milk
  6. Take out breast milk that has been refrigerated for more than 72 hours (3 days)
  7. Don’t put refrigerated breast milk and fresh breast milk together.
  8. Thaw refrigerated breast milk or connect the container to warm milk for warm milk feeding.
  9. After the thawed breast milk is thawed, if the baby can’t finish drinking it after 24 hours, please do not refrigerate the breast milk
  10. repeatedly. Discard the remaining part and sterilize the container.

Start breastfeeding (notes):

  1. The user must maintain a comfortable sitting position and relax, support the feet with their feet, and put the feet on the feet, which helps to maintain the correct posture and avoid pressure on the waist
  2. Use a hot towel on the chest and gently massage the chest with your hands
  3. Align the center nipple of the assembled silicone breast to and close to the breast to prevent inhalation of air.
  4. Click the button, the electric pump starts to run, does not adjust the suction when starting, the milk flow is slow, adjust the suction on the gear as needed
  5. Note: Do not suck the machine immediately after starting. After 30 seconds of inhalation, the engine will start again; if you stop using it, please turn off the power first.

Package Includes

  • 1 * Electric chest pump
  • 2 * Baby bottle
  • 1* USB charging cable
  • 2 * Milking tube
  • 1 * Instruction manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Julie J. miyashiro
Highly recommend

Our daughter ended up in the NICU for a week and these pumps were a life saver. Was able to pump in the car as we went back and forth to see her. Also great for pumping at night. Great not having a bunch of cords attached to you. I also find cleaning the parts is a lot easier than my wall plug in pump. Some people complain about the suction but I haven’t had any issues. There are 3 different suction options and I switch between 1,2, and 3. I seem to get the same milk output no matter the setting. All based on comfort. Anyway, cannot recommend this enough!

jessica F. Carruthers
Buy this pump!!!

I love this pump! Definitely a great choice in wearable pumps!

To start it comes in a very nice box which I appreciate as someone who always saves the original packaging.

There are minimum parts to wash and the design has the motor attached securely . There are multiple different pump modes. I really liked the variable mode. My output with this pump is the same at with my Spectra S2. I'm so glad that I don't have to sacrifice output to be mobile. As an exclusive pumper and mom to a 1 month old and very active 2 year old a good wearable pump is a necessity.

First time I used it I had dinner, did laundry, and cared for baby with no leaks and good output. I recommend this pump to anyone looking for a good wearable pump!

inez C. scott
Better than I expected!

I am 5 months pp and have struggled with finding a good wearable pump for times when I’m on the go. I have tried the Elvie’s and for some reason I never got a good output. I found this CooBoo pump and decided to give it a try and OMG I was not Disappointed! I ordered one to try it out but definitely going to order a second! It is super comfortable and definitely not quiet but quieter than my freemie. Definitely recommending to my breastfeeding friends!

janine D. Petrovich
Affordable and Strong

Ive been exclusively pumping and bottle feeding my little one and needed a light, transportable pump. Majority of the electric pumps I found were either too heavy to carry around or too expensive. I took a chance and bought this brand and don't regret it one bit.

Yes, there are a lot of parts to wash just like any other pump machines. However, it's strong (even when I'm double pumping) and the battery life lasts for a while at full charge. Even better is the fact that it's actually affordable

Marlene J. Daley
Highly recommend

My baby is 7 weeks old and I have been breastfeeding-pumping milk since day 1. I was feeling discouraged because I felt like a slave to the pump. Being attached to the wall wasn’t something I enjoyed. I did my research and found CooBoo pumps. I wasn’t breaking the bank and I could finally get the freedom I needed and still do my pumping sessions. I was noticing a dip in supply because I was missing sessions-simply dreading the pump. This pump I look forward to using and I love that I have my freedom back. This product is going to make my breastfeeding journey a success!