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MumPro Electric Dual Breast Pump

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MumPro Electric Dual Breast Pump

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Give The Best Milk To Your Baby Wherever You May Be

The advertisements and every book you’ll read always say that breastmilk is the best for your babies, but how will you do this if you can’t be with your child 24/7? It might be a maternity leave ending soon, a chore that you need to work on away from your newborn, or any other tasks that you’ll realize that breastfeeding has its limitations and can become tiring and sometimes unmanageable. Handle and solve these problems with ease with the help of MumPro. A double electric breast pump that’ll save you time and lets your baby enjoy the benefits of breast milk even when you are busy or away.

MumPro is an answer to every mom who struggles to give their little ones the best. Its dual and electric features let you save a lot of time on multi-tasks. At the same time, its soft silicone mimics a baby’s natural feeding action for easy feeding. This device is such a great help for all new moms out there with all these fantastic features!

“I am more than happy, more than pleased! I’ve been struggling with a manual pump for about 2 weeks to build my milk supply up. It was so time-consuming because I had to pump each breast one at a time, and the pump’s suction was weak. I decided to go ahead and get an electric pump and came across this one!!!! Let me tell you, and it was worth every penny I spent. The quality of the pump seems as if you paid a pretty penny for it. My milk supply has increased instantly. This is an amazing product, and I most definitely recommend it.”
~ Nicole L., MumPro customer

Why Choose MumPro?

  • 👩🏻👶🏻It has a Safe and Healthy Design for your babies: MumPro is made of food-grade PPA and solid silicone material. It has a high temperature resistant of 180-degrees C,  making you and your baby safe and far away from disease.
  • 👩🏻👶🏻Its Humanize Design Meets Every Mother’s Needs: This dual electric breast pump has a nice appearance, lightweight material, and a  portable and convenient design. At the same time, it has an anti-slip bottle preventing the bottle from slipping easily from your hand.
  • 👩🏻👶🏻Comes with a Soft silicone massage cushion for pain-free use: This breast pump automatically massages the breast gently, promotes breast dredging, and stimulates milk secretion.
  • 👩🏻👶🏻Offers 2 modes and 8-speed Design: Has Breast suction and breast massager 2 modes and 8 speeds. You can choose any mode and speed by your preference and need.
  • 👩🏻👶🏻Includes a Silicone Diaphragm that accurately Separates Milk from Air: It prevents the trachea from polluting, thus keeping you and your child away from germs. Moreover, it is equipped with an air outlet that prevents the backflow of milk.

Created With the Thought of You and Your Baby’s Safety 

MumPro is made with BPA Free materials and FDA Certification. At the same time, all the breast pump’s parts are made from hospital grade silicone without any harmful substances making it 100% safe for your baby to consume. It also provides natural quivering suckles of a baby to give a comfortable experience for moms.

Has a Backflow Protector to Prevent Any Germs Which May Cause Infection

MumPro’s anti-backflow design provides a hygienic closed system that prevents breastmilk from backing up to the pump to keep it fresh and avoid milk from any germs that may cause infection. You can choose to use it as a double or single electric pump through a single or bilateral switch button.

With Adjustable Modes for Your Various Needs

Our milk breastfeeding pumps have adjustable massage speeds and levels of suction for choice, helping the mother have better lactation.

Rechargeable And Portable: This USB charging breast pump is equipped with a power bank. Moms can express anywhere anytime, making it convenient for travel, office, or home use.

Low Noise but High Performance

This Low-noise breast pump is easy to assemble and clean, while its strong suction can express more milk in less time. That is why this dual suction breast pump helps new moms life much easier. Moreover, its extra beautiful package makes it a perfect gift for all mothers!


  •  Material: PP
  • Power Supply: USB
  • Color: White, Pink, Green

Packing Included:

  • 2*bottles
  • 1*host
  • 1*Pacifier
  • 1*USB cable

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
guadalupe J.moffitt
Highly recommend

I love my MumPro . I’m an “undersupplier” and I cold never get my baby interested enough to breastfeed so I exclusively pump. I was struggling not providing enough AND being stuck to a wall every 2-3 hours to provide only 1/2 of his intake. Now with the MumPro I can do everything I need, hold my baby and feed him, change him, drive and work without anyone even knowing I’m pumping. For me the suction is very strong and very much mimics breastfeeding. I get probably 15% more output with these than the Medela. Without a doubt worth every penny AND to top it off customer service is ON POINT. You will not regret this purchase!

Sung J. davenport
What a time saver!

I was looking for something that I could be mobile with. If you're tired of wasting time pumping because you can't move around to get things done, this is definitely the answer! This pump definitely took my stress level way down with being able to multitask while pumping. Battery life is great--you can pump 3, half hour sessions before each charge, plus they charge quickly. The sound is pretty quiet. The suction is perfect where it won't make you sore, but you can up the level for your individual preference. All around good quality and price. You won't be disappointed--highly recommend!

rose E. jackson
It works, even for my odd purpose, perhaps.

I purchased this machine because I don't have a ton of money to spend on something high-end, and honestly? This does what I need.

It was recommended to me, as a transwoman, to get a pump to encourage growth and fullness in my chest. I went through a few product pages for the 'expensive' brands before landing here. I'm glad I went with this!

It definitely stimulates the chest! Growth outcomes are unknown at this early point, but I can say that between the HRT regimine I'm on, and consistent pumping? It has started milk production, in small amounts. So, I would think that would be a positive thing for breast pumping for milk output!

Great product! Great seller!

Marlene M. Arnold
Worth the money! Buy it

I love this product. I purchased after reading the reviews. I am a school teacher so I need something I can pop in my shirt and get back to my students. It’s not very nosey and the suction works just like a baby latching. I pump while I’m driving and then on my lunch break. It’s very portable. It works very well.

Odessa M. gomez
This pump is awesome!

I ordered this pump because I will be traveling in a couple of weeks. I've used it a few times now and so far it's amazing! I'm kinda shocked at how strong the suction is considering how compact it is. I can have my MumPro up on the highest setting and barely feel it. This one works great in the lower settings. I love the continuous flow feature! I will come back and update again after my trip.