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LilloLil Wireless Electric Breast Pump

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LilloLil Wireless Electric Breast Pump

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

A Breastfeeding Mom’s Best Friend!

Moms who want to make milk pumping to be easier loves the LilliLoo!

Usage Methods:

  1. Please wash your hands before installing and using it.
  2. Please use boiling water to clean and disinfect before or after using it for 1 – 3 minutes.
  3. Use cotton balls soaked with hot water to heat the nipple and mammary aureole first.
  4. Be relaxed and sit comfortably.
  5. Place the breast pump on your breast so that your nipple is properly centered in the tunnel.
  6. Select the massage/lactation/pumping mode and adjust the level from 1 to 9 according to your need

🗳️What’s in the Box:🗳️

✔️ Pump x 1 unit
✔️ Breast Pump x1
✔️ valve x 1
✔️ USB charging cord x 1

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Brenda T. West
Highly recommend

Worth it! I was skeptical at first because I was deciding between the more expensive hands free pumps like the willow or elvie, but I’m sure glad I purchased this! Affordable and it does the job! But I must say, I’m impressed that this pump keeps my supply up. I get about 8 oz total which is enough for my LO right now who is 6 weeks old. In the beginning of my pumping, it also helped with my clogged milk ducts!!I just put a cover around my chest or wear oversized shirts. Overall it’s very convenient and so glad I saved about $400 on this pump !

nancy N. Manus
Suction feel is gentle yet effective. Easy to assemble and clean.

I am impressed with the convenience of this pump, I use it even while I am driving, or wherever I go. It does not require any special bra nonetheless I suggest to use one that covers well your breast to secure the pump while you do other activities.

josephine A. Turner
Comes ready to use out the package!

Love the suction power! Love the ease. Love that it comes ready to use out of the package. Will be ordering another now so I can simultaneously pump both sides! This is an amazing product!

Mary J. Ray
Great product!

Really great size, small and compact while still being very powerful. It actually hurt just a little when I first used it. Power is comparable to my hospital grade Medela symphony and Spectra S2 with even more suction modes. Yay! The battery lasts for at least 3 20-min pumping sessions and doesn't seem to lose much suction power in that time. It's great for a work or car pump. I felt I was taking a risk in buying it at fisrt but it's turned out to be a fantastic purchase!