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Thanks to This Rotating Cushion, My Dad Now Moves with Ease Anywhere! And It Makes Me Easier to Take Care of Him!

Ryan Stewart
Updated May 26th, 2024

“This is a lifesaver for both individuals with limited mobility and those caring for them.”

I turned 60 this year, and due to a few reasons, I’m facing some minor yet vexing troubles.

It’s about my father. He’s 87, and now he spends most of his time in a wheelchair, needing assistance for everything.

I need to take him for walks in the park and accompany him to medical appointments — all necessary for my father’s health. And I try to get him outdoors as much as possible. But I found that helping father move around is very tiring, for both of us! Each time helping Dad get in and out of the car, the process is exhausting.

I have to help him stand up from his wheelchair, then carefully guide him into the seat, adjusting his legs and positioning his body. Meanwhile, my father twists and turns, struggling to find a comfortable gesture and position.

You know, it’s not good to just let an elderly with limited mobility sit still and do nothing. Movement is essential for their health. Many with mobility issues hesitate to move or seek help, while their families haven’t made much effort either.

Finally, my dad and I are left gasping for air. He is a big guy. Each movement requires overcoming significant friction from the seat and his weight. One day he told me, “I don’t want to move around. I’d rather sit or lie down. You see, I really don’t have much energy left. You are tired, too, right?”

Actually, he is someone who enjoys being outdoors, and I don’t want these things to tire him out. There must be a better way to make it easier for both of us.

From My Daughter's Gift: A Rotating Cushion Greatly Assists Dad's Mobility.

Additionally, the daily tasks of helping my father move in and out of bed, transferring him from his wheelchair to the sofa for TV time, and more, are also wearing me down. I am 60, not as young as I used to be, and I’m not sure how much longer I can keep up my energy…

About 3 weeks ago, my daughter brought home a few seat cushions. I had mentioned my struggles to her before, but I was skeptical — what use could a cushion possibly have? Could it really help both me and my father?

To my surprise, these cushions could rotate, and they turned out to be incredibly useful for both me and my father! Over the next while, these rotating cushions made every task — helping my father in and out of the car and bed — so much easier!

I’ll place the cushion where Dad needs to move ahead of time. He sits on it, and then I gently push him. The cushion has two layers with a rotating bearing in the middle. With the cushion’s rotation, Dad can quickly adjust his direction and body without struggling. He says he feels much more relaxed now. And I feel much better too!

SwivelEase Mobility Cushion Facilitates Countless Families!

“People with mobility challenges, like the elderly and disabled, often struggle to move easily due to weak lower limbs or lower back issues, limiting their mobility during activities. This rotating cushion reduces the resistance when moving.”

SwivelEase Mobility Cushion is designed specifically for individuals with mobility challenges. The best part is the specially crafted low-friction discs which can rotate smoothly 360°. That means, for those with limited leg strength and mobility, adjusting their position becomes incredibly easy once they’re seated on the cushion.

These rotating cushions allow them to use as little force and movement as possible, and this is a form of protection. No matter for seniors, pregnant women, or those with lower limb mobility issues — namely, the disabled. What’s even better is that it significantly reduces the physical strain on caregivers.

When it’s getting in and out of bed, cars, or transferring from a wheelchair to another seat, after using it for two months, I’ve noticed a remarkable improvement in my Dad’s mobility! I’ve placed two cushions in the car. When my father sits on the cushion, I simply need to gently rotate his body to quickly adjust his position and posture.

Having one cushion in the driver’s seat is also incredibly convenient. In the limited space of the car, adjusting my position when getting in and out takes only a few seconds.

At home, I’ve placed rotating cushions in areas where my father spends most of his time — the couch, study chair, and even the bathroom. These cushions help a lot.

Made of anti-slip wrinkled fabric, the SwivelEase Mobility Cushion offers excellent elasticity and breathability. It provides cushioning upon sitting and ensures stability to prevent slipping, facilitating easy body rotation. Its breathability offers great comfort.

Lightweight and Portable, These Rotating Cushions Can Facilitate Mobility Anywhere!

SwivelEase Mobility Cushion is not only suitable for indoor and car use but also convenient to carry. Regardless of the destination, this cushion facilitates movement to any location. Whether dining out, heading outdoors, or visiting hospitals, you can take your family anywhere without feeling burdened by their mobility challenges.

This cushion will help you and your family move around without worry. It’s worth noting that relying on friends and family for assistance due to mobility challenges can be mentally burdensome for seniors. However, this rotating cushion serves as an effective assistive tool, making everyone feel more relaxed both physically and mentally!

As these rotating cushions have entered the market, more and more families have discovered their benefits, making life easier for themselves and their loved ones.

Why Do People Need a Rotating Cushion Like SwivelEase?

Actually, you might not be aware, but pregnant women and people with disabilities are also among those who need to address mobility issues. During late pregnancy and after childbirth, pregnant women face limitations in mobility. Women who have undergone cesarean sections may experience wound tears simply from getting out of bed to go to the bathroom.

People with disabilities constitute a significant portion of the population, and almost everything they do in their daily lives is quite challenging. This seemingly small rotating cushion can greatly facilitate their lives and provide peace of mind for their families.

Additionally, due to caregivers’ limited strength, seniors may unintentionally suffer falls — a common scenario. SwivelEase Mobility Cushion significantly eases their mobility, ensuring safety and peace of mind, whether self-caring or with hired assistance.

The Best Gift for Those in Need Around You

Employing a rotating bearing mechanism, the SwivelEase Mobility Cushion ingeniously eliminates friction, alleviating challenges for those with mobility constraints and their caregivers. Even everyday individuals, such as drivers, can benefit. Frequent ingress and egress from vehicles, coupled with the need to adjust within limited car space, pose discomfort and difficulty. With SwivelEase, adjusting position upon seating requires a mere 1-2 seconds.

If you give this very practical rotating cushion to your families and friends, it will be of great help to their lives. In addition, this is also very suitable to buy and put in the car. It will make it easier for you and your child to sit in the car.

Nowadays, as a new product, rotating seat cushions are still unknown to many people.

Here Are What People Saying:

“This cushion has brought me unexpected convenience. I often drive, and one day my wife bought me this cushion. She told me it would make getting in and out of the car much easier, and it really does. Just a gentle twist of the body and you’re seated comfortably. If you have someone at home who needs support with mobility, this cushion will be useful!”

“I bought this for my car. I am disabled and lack strength in my legs. I have to use my hands to move my body every time. This cushion helps me a lot. Now I only need to hold the steering wheel and turn it slightly to sit properly. I plan to buy a few more to put in other places in my home.”

“My 96-year-old mother and I use this cushion together in the shower. I can seat her on the bench with the circular cushion, then easily lift her legs and turn her into the shower. It solves a problem for me, and I love it! It gets wet every time we shower, but I hang it up to dry. Great product! Elderly people really need this kind of convenient tool.”

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