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Revolutionary Electric Toothbrush Praised by Leading Dentists for Ultimate Dental Care

Ryan Stewart
Updated May 25th, 2024

Are your gums bleeding for no reason? Or do they perhaps bleed when you floss, brush, or even bite into food?

Attention! You may be suffering from gum disease which is one of the most common causes of gum bleeding.

Gum disease is a condition where your gums bleed and become sore, swollen, or infected. The cause of gum disease is the buildup of plaque on our teeth, which hardens into tartar (calculus) and harbors bacteria.

In 70% of adults, our immune system “over responds” to these bacteria that are present and starts to destroy the bone support around the teeth. This is usually asymptomatic until the later stages of the disease when you will notice teeth becoming loose and abscesses forming, necessitating extractions.

What’s more, according to the latest medical research, people with dental problems are more likely to develop heart disease. Known as the gum-heart disease cycle, it refers to an alarming cycle of poor oral hygiene, gum disease, systemic inflammation, poor lifestyle and heart disease.

From an early age, we’re taught to brush our teeth diligently every morning and evening. But is that enough to prevent gum disease?

Experts say 70% of Americans will develop it during their lifetime. it is reversible with good oral care. But most of us ignore it.

The dentist and director of the Institute of Dentistry and Health (IEO), Lawrence Doniger, points out that Using the right toothbrush and brushing technique can prevent 99% of gum disease.

He also noted that people who used electric-powered toothbrushes had less gum disease progression and retained 19.5 percent more teeth than those using a manual brush.

PulseClean Smart Sonic Brush:Revolutionizing Dental Care

A new tech company invented this electric toothbrush with the latest pressure sensor and ultrasonic technology. And it has earned the ADA’s Seal of Acceptance.

Its advanced design excels at disrupting biofilm, a precursor to plaque buildup. And If plaque is not properly brushed off your teeth and gums, it will harden into tartar and can cause gum bleeding and other serious health issues.

In fact, it takes just 48 hours for most plaque to harden, and within several days it can become so hard that it is impossible to remove without your dentist’s help!

PulseClean Smart Sonic Brush removes up to 7 times more plaque than a manual toothbrush. This outstanding electric toothbrush has been made just right to cover all your dental needs.

It’s got five different power settings, so you can pick the one that feels best for your teeth and gums. It makes sure you get a nice, gentle clean every time, no matter who’s using it.

Let's hear what Alice, a beneficiary of the PulseClean Smart Sonic Brush, has to say about it.


Since I started using the PulseClean Smart Sonic Brush, I’ve noticed that my gums aren’t bleeding as much anymore. The brush’s Soft mode is perfect for my sensitive teeth—it’s gentle yet cleans my teeth very well.

WEEK 2&3

I’m spending more time brushing. My dentist noticed a big drop in plaque during my check-up and gave me props for improving my oral health.


The investment was totally worth it, especially with the improvement in gum bleeding. What’s more, this toothbrush’s battery life is seriously impressive. It’s become a must-have part of my daily routine. Not only have I noticed less tooth sensitivity, but my gums feel stronger too. 

What makes it so popular?

Periodontists recommend thinking about the following factors to narrow down your options.

Pressure sensors: They alert you when you’re brushing too hard and eliminate the chance that you’ll hurt your gums or tooth enamel.
Brush head replacement indicators: These indicators remind you when to change your brush head.
Movement pattern: Electric toothbrushes use vibrating movements (also referred to as sonic vibrations) are effective at cleaning teeth.
W-shaped bristles: W-shaped bristles snugly fit the curves of each tooth, ensuring thorough cleaning without leaving any dead spaces.
American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance: Oral hygiene products like electric toothbrushes can earn the ADA’s Seal of Acceptance. 

PulseClean Smart Sonic Brush perfectly embodies all of the above. This explains its rave reviews online. Let’s see what benefits it has to offer.

✅ High-Powered Clean: PulseClean Smart Sonic Brush delivers an impressive 38,000 high-frequency vibrations per minute, providing a deep and thorough clean that is 5 times more effective than normal electric toothbrushes. Say goodbye to 99.99% of plaque and surface stains, and enjoy a healthier, brighter smile.

High-Frequency Suspension Motor: PulseClean Smart Sonic Brush boasts a high-frequency levitation motor, making the brush head glide with a smoother oscillation and quieting the noise. By tapping into magnetic fields to create vibrations, it nixes the need for some parts to touch directly, cutting down on friction and wear. This clever design ensures your electric toothbrush goes the extra mile, giving it a longer lifespan.

A Cutting-Edge Pressure Sensor: The pressure sensor actively monitors the applied force during brushing, providing real-time feedback to encourage a gentler and more mindful brushing technique. This not only protects your enamel and gums but also enhances the overall effectiveness of your oral care routine.

5 Modes for Different Teeth and Gum Conditions: PulseClean Smart Sonic Brush is suitable for both adults and kids, offering five brushing modes to address various oral care needs: Standard, Clean, Whitening, Massage, and Soft. You can freely choose the brushing mode that suits your individual needs and follow the professional advice of your dentist to enhance your oral health.

✅ Dual-button Design and Five Intensity Levels: Press the power button to turn the toothbrush on/off, and press the mode button to switch brushing modes. The dual-button design prevents accidental operation for a user-friendly experience.

✅ Smartly Designed Bristles: The bristles come in a W-shaped design, snugly fitting the curves of every tooth. They’re made from flexible, resilient materials—PBT and TPE. The split bristles on both sides simultaneously clean different areas of teeth, effectively removing stubborn plaque and stains. If you don’t know when to replace your brush head, then the brush heads have blue bristles that fade as a reminder for replacement.

✅ Smart Alerts and IPX8 Waterproof: PulseClean Smart Sonic Brush includes a built-in smart timer, reminding you to switch areas every 30 seconds for a comprehensive 2-minute brushing session, meeting dentist recommendations. Automatically stores the mode you picked and switches to that same mode the next time around. Also, it has an IPX8 waterproof rating, making it safe and convenient for use in the bathtub or shower.

✅ Type-C Interface, 60-day Battery Life: PulseClean Smart Sonic Brush can last for 60 days on a single charge and does not require frequent charging. The toothbrush charges with a Type-C interface. It’s very convenient.

People Are Raving About It:

“This is the best electric toothbrush I’ve ever purchased in my life. This toothbrush is phenomenal and by FAR the most superior, even compared to the high-end versions I’ve owned in the past.” – Tara Phillips

“This toothbrush is brilliant. I love the power and intensity of the brush and makes my teeth sparkly clean. No matter what gender you are, what color you get, do NOT pass this gem of a toothbrush up. I researched for months, so I did the work for y’all. If you trust one stranger on the Internet today, make it me, and make this purchase! You will not regret it.” – Steve Troise

“It’s perfect, perfect, perfect and the chicest shade. Brushing my teeth is now my favorite part of my morning and going to bed! The whitening setting is amazing, the regular clean setting is amazing, the whole damn toothbrush is simply perfection. Battery life is INSANE! (In a great way!)”- Richard Meyer

Sounds Great, But How Much Does It Cost?

Considering other devices (that are less efficient) are going for a hefty price, you’d naturally anticipate PulseClean Smart Sonic Brush to fall in a similar range.

But here’s the surprise: PulseClean Smart Sonic Brush is priced well below what you might have expected.

But wait, there’s more! Right now, you can take advantage of a special 50% discount and get the PulseClean Smart Sonic Brush for an even lower price.

How to Get My PulseClean Smart Sonic Brush

Whether you’re insuring your own dental health or worrying about your family’s dental health, PulseClean Smart Sonic Brush is the best choice!

It has come to our attention that there are some cheap knockoffs circulating on the market that are flimsy and do not offer the same quality that a genuine PulseClean Smart Sonic Brush does.

The company has taken note of this, and they have provided us with a unique link to their official site just for our readers.

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