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SpineEase Orthopedic Cervical Pillow – Ergonomic Memory Foam Design for Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief – Cooling Pillowcase Included

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SpineEase Orthopedic Cervical Pillow – Ergonomic Memory Foam Design for Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief – Cooling Pillowcase Included

In Stock Β· FREE Shipping!



Hey there, savvy sleeper! πŸŒ™ Ever had one of those nights where you toss and turn, trying to find that just right position? You know, the one where your neck doesn’t feel like it’s auditioning for a horror movie the next morning? Well, guess what? Your dream pillow has just entered the chat. Introducing the SpineEase Orthopedic Cervical Pillow – because your neck deserves VIP treatment!

Imagine a world where you lay your head down and are instantly transported to cloud nine. No more wrestling with your pillow, no more waking up feeling like you’ve been headbanging at a rock concert all night. With its ergonomic memory foam design, this pillow is like the fairy godmother of neck and shoulder comfort. And let’s not forget that cooling pillowcase – because waking up in a puddle of sweat is so last season. Ready to redefine beauty sleep? Let’s dive in! 😴🌟

Dreamy Ο€-Shaped Design

Ever tried to solve the mystery of the perfect sleep? Well, the Ο€-shaped design is the answer! It’s not just a math symbol; it’s the secret sauce to diving deep into dreamland. This unique design ensures you’re cradled in comfort, aligning your head, neck, and shoulders just right.

Ergo-Amazing Contour


Posture, darling! This pillow is like the yoga instructor for your neck – guiding, supporting, and ensuring you’re aligned to perfection. Wake up feeling refreshed, not like you’ve been in a wrestling match.

Bye-Bye, Pain!

Remember those mornings of groaning and clutching your neck? Those are in the past. This pillow is like a gentle masseuse, working away the knots and tension, ensuring you wake up pain-free and ready to seize the day.

Height? You Choose!

Whether you’re Team Giraffe or Team Hedgehog, there’s a height that’s just right for you. With two options, you can pick the one that feels like it was made just for you.

Armrest Grooves: The Ultimate Snuggle Spot

For those who love a good snuggle (who doesn’t?), these grooves are a game-changer. Rest your arms, feel the embrace, and drift off into a cozy slumber.

Memory Foam Magic

This isn’t your average foam. It’s like that memory game you played as a kid, but for your neck. It remembers, supports, and ensures you’re sleeping on a cloud of comfort.

Stay Cool with Ice Silk

Hot sleeper? More like not anymore! With the cooling ice silk pillowcase, you’re in for nights of chill vibes and cool dreams. Plus, it’s so soft, it’s like a gentle caress for your face.

Fresh & Ready

No more “new pillow smell” that lingers for days. Dive right into comfort with an odorless experience. It’s like getting fresh bread without the bakery scent (though we do love that smell).

Adaptable & Loyal

This pillow is like that loyal pup waiting for you at home. It might take a night or two to adjust, but once you do, it’s pure, undying loyalty ensuring you get the best sleep night after night.

And there you have it! The SpineEase Orthopedic Cervical Pillow isn’t just a pillow; it’s a sleep revolution. Dive in, dream on, and wake up feeling like the superstar you are! πŸŒŸπŸ›ŒπŸŽ‰

“Sleep Like Royalty Tonight!”


Hey, superstar! 🌟 Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? The SpineEase Orthopedic Cervical Pillow isn’t just another pillow; it’s a ticket to dreamland, a passport to pain-free mornings, and a VIP pass to the best sleep of your life. But here’s the thing – we’re almost out of stock! Yep, word got out, and everyone wants a piece of this dreamy action. So, if you’re ready to elevate your sleep game, now’s the time. Don’t snooze on this deal, or you might just miss out!

“The Blueprint of Dreamy Comfort”


Alright, tech enthusiasts, this one’s for you! Let’s dive deep into the architectural marvel that is the SpineEase Orthopedic Cervical Pillow:

  • Material: Premium CertiPUR-US certified memory foam. It’s like the Rolls Royce of foams.
  • Design: Unique Ο€-shaped ergonomic contour. Math and comfort, who knew?
  • Dimensions: Perfectly sized to cradle your head, neck, and dreams.
  • Pillowcase: Cooling ice silk material. It’s like having a personal AC for your face.
  • Odor: Minimal to none. Fresh out of the box and ready for dream action.
  • Height Options: Two adjustable heights. Because one size doesn’t always fit all.
  • Armrest Grooves: Expertly designed for the ultimate snuggle.
  • Durability: Built to last, ensuring countless nights of dreamy comfort.

There you have it! The full 411 on what makes this pillow the ultimate sleep companion. Whether you’re here for the comfort, the tech specs, or both, one thing’s for sure: the SpineEase Orthopedic Cervical Pillow is a game-changer. Ready to join the sleep revolution? πŸ›ŒπŸš€πŸŒ™



Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Tommy Dare
I love this pillow!

I love this pillow! It has a contoured shape that cradles my neck. It molds perfectly to the shape of my head and neck. I was going to use it just for sleeping. However, I noticed when I was watching TV in bed that I kept rolling my pillow up under my neck. I realized it was because my neck needed support and was hurting when it would become unrolled. I grabbed this pillow that I had by my bed to sleep with and stacked it on top of another pillow (I always watch TV with two pillows stacked because I like to be raised up a bit). It raised it high enough for me to watch TV. It supported my neck and made it so comfortable! No more rolling my pillow every 10 minutes to support my neck. For sleeping I take the regular pillow out from underneath. It holds my neck and head for back sleeping at the perfect position. It is also shaped right to side and stomach sleep. The raised sides support the side of the head. And, your arms fit perfectly under the side supports when stomach sleeping while the pillow cradles your head.

Rebecca Hulings

OK so I was not expecting much from this oddly shaped pillow! Prior to ordering it, my regular pillow was causing me to wake with pain at the base of my skull every morning. The last month sleeping on this pillow, though, has completely rid me of that pain. I'm no longer waking up with a headache. The grooves to put your arm in is pretty cool & has obfuscated the need to wear my carpal tunnel brace. I was pleasantly surprised when my standard pillowcase fit this odd bird of a pillow. The thickness & plushness have been perfect for me & I'm not mad at this pillow one bit!

Amy Terry
I’ll never use another pillow!

I sleep on my side, stomach and sometimes back. I wake up and move around a lot. My shoulders used to bother me, and my hands would be numb when I would wake up. This pillow has helped me immensely! No more sore shoulders or numb hands. I sleep better, less waking up to adjust. My daughter and son keep trying to take it. I’m going to buy them both one. I’m waiting for cute pillow cases to come out.

Judith Feltner
 So comfortable!

This pillow is seriously so good! I was afraid it would be big as I like my pillows on the thinner side but I've had no problem adjusting and it is very comfortable. There's a specific spot for the neck whether you're a side or back sleeper and having a place to put your arms under the pillow is a game changer- no more numb hands. My husband immediately steals this when I leave and has said that my snoring has stopped too!

Dianne Lantz
Perfect for back+side sleepers

There are so many things I like about this pillow. First, I like that it’s not bulky. It’s an odd shape for a pillow but I like the way my head never feels like it’s propped up or sunk down. Whether I’m on my side or on my back, my head and neck are comfortable. I usually switch back and forth through the night. I really felt the difference the first few nights, as it seemed I didn’t move at all (probably because I slept so good). But when I started switching again it was very comfortable in both positions. I noticed a lot less neck and back pain throughout the day. Definitely recommend to those who sleep like me.