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NappyNest Portable Changing Pad with Smart Wipes Pocket for Newborn Boys and Girls, Waterproof Travel Diaper Changing Kit

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NappyNest Portable Changing Pad with Smart Wipes Pocket for Newborn Boys and Girls, Waterproof Travel Diaper Changing Kit

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Attention all new moms and dads! Are you tired of lugging around bulky diaper bags and heavy changing pads? Look no further than NappyNest Portable Changing Pad  – the ultimate on-the-go diaper changing solution!

Diaper Pad

With our convenient and compact design, you can easily carry a clean, waterproof, and safe changing mat with you everywhere you go! Whether it’s attached to your stroller, bag, wrist, or wherever you choose with its Velcro straps or buckle loop, you’ll never have to worry about finding a clean place to change your baby again.

Our changing pad also includes a smart wipes pocket for easy access to wipes, whether opened or folded. Plus, you can securely store mom and dad’s essentials in the outer pocket while the two inner mesh pockets conveniently store baby necessities.

Diaper Pad

But that’s not all! Our versatile diaper changing pad features a handle and buckle loop for multiple carrying options, making it easy to hang on your car’s headrest, stroller handle, or wear it as a wristlet to keep it within easy reach.

Made from premium polyester reinforced with a PEVA inner lining, our diaper changing pad is not only waterproof but also easy to clean for hassle-free maintenance. And with its detachable design, you can easily use it separately or zip it back onto the mesh pockets for extra storage space.

Diaper Pad

Our portable changing pad is also the perfect gender-neutral gift for baby showers or gender-reveal parties. So, say goodbye to bulky diaper bags and hello to NappyNest Portable Changing Pad – your new on-the-go diaper changing essential!

  • Perfectly Portable Changing Station: Take a clean, waterproof, and safe changing mat everywhere you go!
  • Convenient to Carry: Attach your changing table pad to strollers, bags, wrists, or wherever you choose with Velcro straps or buckle loops!
  • Smart Wipes Pocket: Grant easy access to wipes with the smart wipes pocket! Simply place your favorite wipes or reusable pouch in the pocket, and you’ll never need to search for wipes again!
  • Securely Stores Essentials: The outer pocket is perfect for mom’s and dad’s things, while the 2 inner mesh pockets conveniently store baby necessities.
  • Compact for Easy Storage: Perfectly sized to fit inside most diaper bags, measuring 7.35 inches x 11.5 inches when folded.
  • Spacious Mesh Pockets: 2 inner mesh pockets can hold up to 5 diapers—enough to last your whole trip. Can also be used to store rash cream, pacifier, toys, and other baby essentials.
  • Easy-Access Wipes Holder: The dedicated baby wipes pocket allows you to easily grab a sheet to clean dirty hands and wipe unsightly mess.
  • Easy-to-Clean for Hassle-Free Maintenance: Made from premium polyester reinforced with a PEVA inner lining, the changing surface is waterproof, and the pad is machine washable for easy cleaning.
  • Multi-Purpose Handle and Buckle: Hang it on your car’s headrest, stroller handle, bag, or wear it as a wristlet.
  • Ideal Gift for Baby Boys & Girls: A practical addition to a newborn’s baby essentials, whether expecting a baby boy or a baby girl.

Diaper Pad

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Rebecca Ayers
Great product

I really liked the size, it was compact and fits easily in my diaper bag. Although it can fit in easily in my diaper bag. Moreover, it was waterproof, which makes it easy to wipe down and clean. I found that it was easy to open and close and there was ample space for a baby to lay on. Great amount of storage, allowing me to easily store my wipes and diapers. Its nicely padded and has like a memory foam pillow. Its lightweight and doesn't get too heavy when I store various items in it. Overall a great product that I would highly recommend!

Ella Stiles
Absolutely love it! Functional and well-designed!

Absolutely love this changing pad! It’s super convenient and well designed! The quality is amazing and love that it is a gender-neutral color. I also love the brown elements they added to the design as it compliments the gray really well! You never need to worry about the fabric getting damaged either because you can easily just wipe it off as it is waterproof. The mesh pockets on the inside allow you to store any creams or products you may need. There is also a compartment for baby wipes which is super convenient! The strap that comes along with this is really helpful especially when travelling! I know I’ll be getting a lot of use out of it! Overall, I will definitely be recommending this changing pad to a lot of my friends and family.

Patricia Gonzalez
A perfect travel companion for us 👨‍👩‍👦

A perfect travel companion whenever I am with my baby
We have loved keeping this handy portable pad in our car for days out on the town. It is really spacious when opened up and takes up no space at all when closed shut. I especially love the ample storage that allows us to put diapers, wipes, and rash cream in it. I think any mother would love having this as it can carry so many necessities and makes diaper changes so much simpler.
Every time I have to go on a trip with my family, this portable changing pad makes the experience so much better. It made me fall in love with the outdoors more. I’ve been telling everyone I can about how easy to clean it is. That’s a huge relief. When I’m in my car, I just use the velcro handle to attach it to my headrest. Easily attaches to my stroller as well.This is definitely the best thing I’ve bought on here in a LONG time!

Frances Cox
Great value for money! Thoughtfully made product.

We received ours recently and have since been awestruck by the great value it offers for its price!
From the gender-neutral color to the large changing pad and multiple pockets providing ample storage space, it is honestly one of our most functional purchases for baby supplies. I especially love that it's waterproof and therefore easy to clean when the job gets messy. Its changing mat area is very soft for my babies to lay on and the pillow provides good cushioning and support.
I also noticed waterproof material inside all the pockets which means any spill of baby cream or lotion will just remain contained inside the pocket and will not flow out at all. The inside material is the same s that of changing mat which can be easily cleaned. I am amazed!
I will definitely be buying these for baby shower gifts when my friends are expecting! Much recommended from a mother of 2 newborn twins.

Peggy Ward
Is better than what I was hoping for

Wanted a portable diaper changing pad to go into my diaper bag and it works well. It unfolds well without being stuck in its folded shape (so you don't have to fight it down or out of the way while using it), it folds back up easily enough. It has a surface that's easy to wipe down. So far it has been tested well (including in the back of a jeep). It's not super luxurious padded, but it is definitely softer than whatever surface it's being put on. Definitely happy with the purchase.