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MilkyMuse Low-Noise Wearable Breast Pump – Hands-Free, Secure Fit, with Multiple Intensity Modes for Maximum Milk Production, Hospital-Grade Pumping for Busy Moms, Wearable Design with Leak-Proof Technology

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MilkyMuse Low-Noise Wearable Breast Pump – Hands-Free, Secure Fit, with Multiple Intensity Modes for Maximum Milk Production, Hospital-Grade Pumping for Busy Moms, Wearable Design with Leak-Proof Technology

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

The Best Milk Made Available without the Hassle


If you’re a new mom who has relied heavily on traditional breast pumps, you understand the struggle of bringing bulky breast pump machines with all its wires, and the exhausting process of cleaning its multiple parts!

Not Anymore With the MilkyMuse Wireless Breast Pump!

New moms who have made it a goal to provide only the best quality breastmilk for their little ones will love this wireless, highly efficient, hospital-grade electric breast pump. As a wireless electric breast pump, MilkyMuse helps new moms make their breastmilk stash without the hassle and complicated set-up that comes with wires. The MilkyMuse breast pump for new moms is perfect for traveling, pumping in the office, or if you want to pump on-the-go. 


❣️MilkyMuse Features❣️

  • 👱🏻‍♀️Breast Pumping is Made More Efficient – The electric breast pump comes with 2 modes that imitate the how babies feed to optimize better milk production. Moms can choose from 5 intensity modes. With these features, moms can find their own rhythm and produce more milk in a shorter time. The seal is consistently firm to make effective, continuous pumping.
  • 👱🏻‍♀️Non-intimidating, Low-noise Machine that is Safe to Use While You are Feeding the Baby. With its innovative pumping technology, the sound is less than 55 decibels when used. You can conveniently use it even if you’re baby is sleeping – no worries about waking the baby up!
  • 👱🏻‍♀️Made from Food-grade Silicone Material – Milk is Toxic-free. The breast pump has a soft flange and is made of food-grade soft silicone. It is also skin-friendly, safe, and BPA-free. You can be assured that the milk you get won’t have any toxin from the plastic.
  • 👱🏻‍♀️With a Professionl Leak-free Feature So No Milk Will Be Wasted. The MilkyMuse’ Silicone protection valve helps prevent milk leakage and protect mothers and babies from bacteria. The breast pump has a capacity of 180ml, and the container is marked with a tick mark. The recommended optimal breast pumping volume is 120 ml.
  • 👱🏻‍♀️Portable & Wireless Use – Lightweight and portable breast pump and 800 mAh capacity rechargeable battery, you can pump milk anytime, anywhere. After fully charged, it can be used for about 80 minutes/3-6 times.
  • 👱🏻‍♀️Compared with the touch screen, the physical buttons have a longer service life and are less likely to be damaged.

Motherhood Essential

Meet the all-in-one wearable breast pump that fits your needs and in your bra, allowing you to keep your pumping schedule no matter what.
Everything works inside the pump, with no external tubes, cords, or dangling bottles to hold you back. The pump is easy to clean and easy to assemble.

Pump on Your Own Terms

Worn inside a standard nursing bra, so you can pump completely hands-free anytime, anywhere. A better way to pump at home, at work, or on the go.
Breast pump supports a semi-lying position so you can easily attend to your baby at all times.

Truly Hassle-Free

No tubes, no wardrobe changes. Made to move so you can do what you need to do, unplugged!
Smart, proprietary technology responds to your body and maintains suction similar to a baby, enabling true mobility without spilling a drop.

Maintain & Increase Supply

Stock up your supply while being a functioning mom. Finding a pump that fits your schedule doesn’t have to be a challenge.
Take back the time for yourself. Be happier and more productive—not tied down to a stationary pump.


  • Capacity: 180ml
  • Material: PP + Silicone
  • Size: 15x8x11.5cm / 5.9×3.15×4.52in
  • Color: Gray/Green/Pink

What in the Package?

  • 1 * Pump
  • 1 * USB cable
  • 1 * Instruction.


Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Megan Northington
Hands free Brest pump

Very easy to use charges fast of course first time trying this product have 3 babies and always used different breast pump that connects you to the outlet. This was definitely five star hands-free I can do my chores around the house and not to worry about leakage or less suction definitely has a lot of options for it Less pressure or more power in suction I definitely recommend it five stars for sure. Great product great breast pump. And the most comfortable feature everything was together from the chargers for both pumps so you can charge quickly and go on about your life, get your chores done with less stress your free to move around even Cary your baby while pumping and very easy to dispense into a bottles from the pump for the next feeding or storage in the freezer or fridge depending on a mom , great product recommend and great price very satisfied. Thank you

Angela Dennis
Efficient, long lasting

So I have a few breast pumps that my health insurance provides me with but they all lacked quality. In one I had to be sitting next to a plug so i opted to searching for a portable one. Most leaked through the sides (I get laying down it leaks but not while standing, that’s the point of it being portable) but this breast pump held up. I pump up to four times a day and the battery lasts up to two days. When I know I’m about to use the milk I pumped I leave it in the container in the fridge and it doesn’t tilt or spill. It’s also easy to clean. I loved this product and definitely recommend if you’re in the search for one.

Susan Laster
 Great AND affordable!

I was scouring the Internet for a hands free pump that wasn't hundreds of dollars because the one I had leaked every time I used it (all that wasted liquid gold). I've been using these and have no complaints! They are easy to use, easy to wash, and come with different sized inserts for different nipple sizes. I can't express how much I love these, I use them while driving, cleaning, and playing with my eldest daughter. They last for about three 30minute sessions and I get more milk out than any others I've used.

jamie J. sigmon
Makes your life way easier!

love having this hands free pump it lets me pump and play with my toddler while my newborn sleeps also wash dishes AND cook/ clean! All the things I had to stop before to sit and pump. It felt like I wasted so much time.This also is awesome for driving home from work because of how discreet it is. I love how simple it was to wash everything and put back together (less parts and no pumping bra needed).love!love!love!

Roberta D. Bierman
Just what I needed

I swear by wearable pumps. It allows me to get things done. I needed another pump and this was right on time at a great price. I love my MiiPuump. Fits so comfortably in my bra and discreet compared to other wearable. In my opinion the sound doesn't bother me and not very disturbing. I just love how comfortable they feel.