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MarkWrap Hip Brace and Hip Support Belt for Support and Thigh Strap Compression Brace for Sciatica Pain Relief, Support from Injury, and Prevent Muscle Strain from Happening

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MarkWrap Hip Brace and Hip Support Belt for Support and Thigh Strap Compression Brace for Sciatica Pain Relief, Support from Injury, and Prevent Muscle Strain from Happening

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With One Hip Brace That Wraps Lower Back, Groin, and Thigh Area, You Can Provide Relief for Multiple Lower Body Pains and Strains

Introducing MarkHip – A Stable Hip Brace That Delivers Extra Firm Grip and Support To Target Affected Muscle Points (Made from High Quality Neoprene!)

  • Slim and smooth your thigh with the help of this thigh shaper butt lifting. Linking waist design can prevent slippage. It can not only slim your thigh but also lift your butt to create a charming body curve.
  • Our thigh slimmer wraps are suitable for any fitness activities,such as running,exercise,gym,cycling,work out,cardio ect.
  • The Waist Trimmer was designed to be worn during exercise. The thigh trimmers contoured fit and flexible neoprene allows for a full range of motion during your workout.
  • Connected Waist Belt : prevents the quadriceps wrap from slipping and sliding while working out
  • 3 adjustable Hook and Loop Fasteners:provide targeted and controlled compression desirable level of support
  • 2 Side Thigh Support Brace:designed for both men and women and can be worn on both legs.


  • Butt lifting and shaping: It has rear circular cut-outs that support and lifts your butt to look bigger and rounder. It actually creates volume in the rear using your own naturals shape.
  • Reduces Appearance of Cellulite: The good quality fabric will hide any flaws, as it is specifically designed to deceive any skin imperfections. Accentuates your tummy, hip, and thigh by smoothing out unwanted bulges to give you a clean and confident line.
  • Optimum Pressure Distribution: For all-day wearing comfort and granting you a full range of motion without restriction. Keeps everything in place and offers optimum support especially when doing high-intensity exercises.Also suitable for home training.
  • Stretchy: Stretches not only enhancing the density to trap the heat but also offers you the ultra-flattering fit
  • Breathable and Moisture-Wicking: Converts excess body sweat to heat dries moisture incredibly fast.


Color: Black/Rose/Yellow
Main Fabric Composition: Chlorine Fiber
Content of Main Fabric Ingredients: 85 %
Function: Waist Support, Shape, Body Shape, Abdomen in
Suitable Season: Summer, Winter, Spring, Autumn

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Package Included: 1 x Hip Brace

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Nathan Ramsey
Pain relief and support

I tried all kinds of braces before this one. This will be only one from now on. I have sciatic nerve pain and my work is hard on my body. Since I have started using this my pain has almost become nonexistent. I would recommend 100%

Ann Napper
highly recommend!

this is super comfy to wear, and it keeps everything in “place” lol. the velcro is super strong, and it doesn’t come apart, so i feel confident knowing that it’s working.

Marjorie Gray
Love this for working out

I took pictures of this over my clothes so you can see how it goes on. However, I wear this under my clothes when working out. It is surprisingly comfortable. I am losing inches on my thighs and waist every week. It is super easy to put on too. I have no problem putting my workout clothes on over it either. I would definitely recommend this waist and thigh trainer.

Robert Rivas
This brace is an answer to my prayers!

I severely sprained my adductor muscle - enough to bruise my pubic bone - and it just wont heal keeping me from playing softball and pickleball. I researched how to wrap the injury, which is pretty complex. But, this brace allows me to wrap my thigh exactly like the experts say. I'm back playing softball and pickleball and, so far, have not reinjured my thigh. Very well made with a lot of velcro so it doesn't loosen up even after a couple of hours of running in the outfield or on the court.

Betty Gillan
Fits great for athletes

I bought this for my daughter who had been experiencing discomfort from anterior pelvic tilt. This brace in combination with her PT has taken care of her pain. She is on the lacrosse team and wears this for practice and games. She says it fits great and stays in place even when sweaty.