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MamaLows U-Shaped Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

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MamaLows U-Shaped Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Comfort for Pregnant Moms, Designed by Moms—Introducing MamaLows!

Finding the most comfortable sleeping arrangement during pregnancy can be a challenge. It stresses you, especially knowing nothing much you can do to ease the pain and tension you’re feeling in your back, hip, and shoulders. But don’t worry, we understand exactly what you’re going through. As moms, we know that pregnancy is a tough one. So to help moms overcome the exhausting experience of childbirth, we’ve designed the PERFECT pregnancy pillow that will assist you in getting that goodnight’s sleep and alleviate the discomfort you’re feeling. Our MamaLows Pregnancy Pillow is designed with a contoured U-shape to provide support according to the unique shape of pregnancy.


  • Material: Cotton/Polyester, Non-woven
  • Size: 33 * 30* 16cm

Why Choose MamaLows Pregnancy Pillow?

Let us tell you why MamaLows is your best friend in your pregnancy journey. Millions of moms trust our U-shaped Pregnancy Pillow to get through the challenges of pregnancy.

Unique U-shape Design Provides Full Body Support

MamaLows is specifically designed to accommodate the contours of the pregnant body. The perfect mix of U-shaped pillow and C-shaped pillow provides support for every part of your body, including your bump, knees, hips, back, neck, head—allowing you to feel comfortable when you sleep.

Say Goodbye To Aches And Pains!

Our Pregnancy Pillow conforms to the shape of your body, which helps align your spine in a more normal way and relieves back pain and stress. This support allows you to breathe easier, promotes better circulation, and aids in muscle relaxation. It also helps elevate your leg to improve blood circulation and relieve pregnancy swelling.

All-in-One and Widely-Use Pillow

MamaLows allows you to manipulate the shape of the pillow according to your liking. You can sleep with it, sit up with it to support your swollen feet, or use it to give your back extra support while reading. Even after you give birth, our pillow will support your baby during bottle-feeding.

More Than Just A Pillow For Pregnant Women

We’ve designed MamaLows to accommodate every woman needing some extra support. So whether you’re recovering from surgery or tired of having to use separate pillows to support your head, neck, legs, and back, MamaLows is here to bring you comfort!

We know being a parent can be uncomfortable sometimes, so we’re here to help because MamaLows knows best!

Improve Blood Circulation

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Loretta Potts
Good quality pregnancy pillow

I am obsessed! Soon as it came out of the package that kept it flat, it poofed right up. And the grey cover is so soft. You can fluff it up for more support and it’s very versatile. Takes up half the bed so hubby is still fine, maybe just a little jealous lol. He just ends up cuddling the side I’m not using! Recommend this to anyone!

Linda hunter
Soft and fluffy, nice product

It’s a nice product and I highly recommend it. This velvet cover feels really soft and the pillow itself gives a nice support when you lie on it. I like it the most that it is huge so that I can put it either against the wall for a nice back support and it is fluffy I can barely feel I’m sitting on the floor.

marylou stecker
Comfortable pillow

I really like this pillow, it's not big and bulky, I can bring it anywhere, I didn't think I would like it when I first opened it because it wasn't full and big like others but it's perfect. I wanted something that wasn't gonna take over our bed, and I can move around in it without having to shift the whole pillow with me when I switch positions and this did just that. I also like that the cover can come off so it can be washed. I can be in the bed, couch or floor with it

hee Wilson
very useful

This pregnant woman pillow is really necessary to buy, very easy to use, I used to relieve the problem of back pain, the stomach will not be pressed, greatly improve my sleep, it is recommended that pregnant women can buy a big month, very practica

Tiana Rios
Say hello to comfortable sleep

I really like this combined C-and-U shaped pregnancy pillow. Beginning of week 24 of my pregnancy, I had issues with rolling over and sleeping on my back during the night and cutting off blood and oxygen, which made me dizzy and gasping breath for days. My doctor recommended having a firm pillow between knees and another pillow behind my hip area to keep me from sleeping on my back. I know having separate pillows wouldn’t work for me since I move around when I sleep. This pillow was soft yet firm enough to keep me sleeping on my side. I like this more than the U-shaped pillow my husband bought me. It’s not as bulky and the pillow legs stay in place while I sleep. I’ve also been sleeping better, waking up less. For good hygiene practice, I did wash and dry the pillow cover and the pillow before use (took a while to dry the pillow but was expected). It helped fluff up the pillow more. The removable pillow case shrank a tiny bit and made the pillow a little firmer, which was perfect. I can see that the C-shaped leg can also serve help with nursing if I need to in the future.