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EaseDown Back and Neck Pain Relief Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

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EaseDown Back and Neck Pain Relief Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



How does the ingenious EaseDown 360° acupressure mat make your everyday life easier?

Less than 20 minutes a day is all it takes to relieve yourself from uncomfortable headaches and back pain so you can enjoy your day without restrictions—that’s the EaseDown magic!

There’s no need to squeeze a massage appointment into your tight schedule. With EaseDown Acupressure Mat, you can experience the full benefits of acupressure—anytime, anywhere!

Here’s what makes us better than other brands:

Longer Acupressure Mat

The EaseDown Acupressure Mat is designed longer to suit all people of different sizes and shapes. Thousands of spikes are precisely located on the padded acupuncture needles mat to press into your back, neck, and head gently. Lying on the 26.8″ (68 cm) long deep tissue massager mat for 20 minutes a day releases the tension in your muscles and aids your body in its vital healing.

  • The quick and easy, at-home solution for chronic pain
  • Aids to prevent insomnia and promote better sleep
  • Relaxes the body to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Boost recovery

An Effective Method to Relax After Yoga or Work Out

When you’re heading to the gym, grab this pressure point mat and pillow set stored in the handy fabric carrying tote bag for a relaxing post-exercise cooldown phase. It’s a great practice to stretch before leaving the gym to prevent soreness or DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

Delivers the Same Results

Masseuse and Chiropractor visits are expensive, but with the EaseDown Acupressure Massage Mat, you’ll reap all of the benefits of an expert without the cost. Or, try it between therapy visits to extend the calming sensations.

Improves Circulation for Better Health

Lie and sit in different positions on the acupressure pad to revitalize and stimulate your blood circulation. The EaseDown Acupressure Mat also helps align your spine and boost healing against aches and pains, such as headaches and lower backaches! Use the pillow for neck pains. You deserve this relaxation gift!


✅ Live Stress-Free Again – The acupressure points trigger the release of oxytocin, commonly known as the “cuddle hormone” that instantly relieves stress and creates a sense of calm and well-being.

✅ Say goodbye to your aches and pains – The EaseDown 360° Acupressure Mat releases endorphins that relieve pain, loosen muscles, and release tension to relieve the body from all discomforts.

✅ Finally, sleep through the night – The EaseDown 360° acupressure mat helps you fall asleep quickly and naturally to start the day full of energy the following day.

✅ Perfect after an intense workout – By improving circulation, the energy supply of overworked muscles is promoted. This leads to an improved recovery of the muscles.



  • Material: 100% cotton, ABS plastic, eco foam
  • Size:68*42cm(26.8*16.5in). 15*37cm(6*14.6in)

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Feels Amazing, helps quite a bit! Happy!

Feels Amazing, helps quite a bit! Happy!

I was a little worried when I went to pull it out of the bag and I felt the sharp points. I wondered how laying on a bed of nails was going to help the pain..LOL

I tried it and I was Hooked. It feels amazing, and helps even after I get up. I am so glad that I discovered this. Definitely going to become part of my daily self care ritual.

Best investment

Heard an offhanded comment about one of these, and was in excruciating pain, so I ordered it. I'm so glad I did. This has helped my back and hip pain so much, even with only 10 minutes of use. 20 minutes is better but 10 still was good.

Colleen W. Reavis
Excellent for relaxation

I read so many good reviews, I had to try it. If for nothing else, to see how "tough" I am. Tried with a thin t-shirt but didn't really feel anything. Bare skin...a little shocking at first, but starts to feel like it's warming your back and neck, like a heating pad. I feel very drowsy after about 10-15 minutes. My husband thought it was silly until he tried it, and he fell fast asleep the first time. I recommend 100%.

work your way up, feel amazing!

Some folks may not enjoy the prickly, sharp sensations the pad and pillow provide but, I LOVE it! I have such great relief in my scalp, neck and back from laying upon this pad. Once my husband figured out that shirtless was not the answer, he too loves it! We are up to almost 10 mins daily upon the mat. The overall relief we feel upon use are instant! We both suffer from pain in various parts of our body, daily, and constant. The acupressure mat helps relieve all the aches and pains. I suspect that with more use, we will eventually have pain free time again!And using it before going to bed makes SUCH a huge difference in how well we sleep at night.I doubt we will ever be fully pain-free in our bodies, because we surely did all the crazy and adventurous things we wished to do (skiing, skydiving, bungy jumping, dirt bikes, trampolines, not to mention the wear and tear our bodies took from our military service). Finding something NON-medication wise to relieve the pain, tension and tight muscles over degenerative discs, torn rotators in shoulders, lumbar fractures, and more is AMAZING!

Mable Avila
Great Product, Good Quality

Great Product, Good Quality, comfortable to use.