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AirBliss Rechargeable Eye Massager with Heat and Vibration, Voice Prompt

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AirBliss Rechargeable Eye Massager with Heat and Vibration, Voice Prompt

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Are you tired of staring at screens all day, only to be left with tired, strained eyes? Look no further than the AirBliss Rechargeable Eye Massager with Heat and Vibration, Voice Prompt!

This eye massager has been designed to create various new kneading experiences, integrating massage, pressing, and vibration to enhance the comfort and improve the quality of the massage. Perfect for anyone who works long hours or studies late at night and is seeking relief from eye fatigue.

With heating settings available, you can choose to turn on soothing heat at 104°F (40°C) or deeper heat at 107°F (42°C) to help relieve puffiness, dry eyes, and more. You can also enjoy the added convenience of Bluetooth and silent mode, allowing you to play your own music wirelessly or turn off the voice broadcast for a deeper sleep at night.

Adjusting your favorite settings is easy with physical buttons for power/mode, compression, heat, and music/volume. Plus, the eye massager is designed with a raised nose bridge to reduce pressure and adjustable shoulder straps to fit any head size. The soft, breathable leather lining is easy to clean with just a cloth.

The AirBliss Eye Massager  is your new best friend, whether you’re at home, on the road, or on a business trip. The flip-top foldable design allows you to take the massager with you wherever you go, and the built-in 1000mAh rechargeable battery ensures that you can use it without being connected to an electrical outlet. Don’t let tired, strained eyes hold you back any longer – try AirBliss Eye Massager today!


  • Air pressure massage with double-layer 16D airbag simulation of human body kneading pressure point
  • Hot compress with adjustable gear size
  • Digital high-definition display with touch on/off key
  • Bluetooth connectivity for music
  • Skin-friendly and breathable PU protein leather
  • 180-degree foldable design for easy portability
  • Ergonomic curved head design
  • Elastic headband for comfortable fit
  • Voice prompt for easy use


  • Reduces eye fatigue for people who work long hours or study late at night
  • Provides upgraded massage experience by integrating massage, pressing, and vibration
  • Relieves puffiness, dry eyes, and more with the heating settings
  • Voice broadcast tone and Bluetooth connectivity enhance user experience
  • Physical buttons with power/mode, compression, heat, and music/volume allow easy adjustment of settings
  • Raised nose bridge reduces pressure on the nose
  • Adjustable shoulder straps fit any head size
  • Soft, breathable leather lining allows for easy cleaning
  • Built-in 1000mAh rechargeable battery for use anywhere
  • Portable design allows for use at home, on the road, or on business trips.





Material: ABS+ advanced PU protein leather
Battery capacity: 1000mAh
Power input: 5V/1A
Use power: ≤5W
Rated heating power: 5W
Charging interface: Micro USB charging
Charging time: about 3 hours
Use time: 8-10 days (15 minutes per day)
Weight: 0.32kg
Size: 20.5*8*2cm
Massage method: warm compress + air pressure massage + multi-frequency vibration
Massage mode: set the mode and automatically shut down after 15 minutes
Operation mode: physical button operation is simple and convenient
Main function: relax eye muscles, promote blood circulation, relieve eye pressure

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Bill C. Ray
Just absolutely awesome!

Never heard of this before but I'm sure gonna tell everyone about it!

Laurie epperson
Super Comfortable!

With extended amount of time that I spend on my phone and TV, my eyes are always dry and exhausted at times. Came across this eye massager and decided to give it a try. The eye massager provides me time off from my phone usage and also gives me time to relax and listen to the music that it plays. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to nice eye massage after a long work day or just any normal day with a lot of screen usage.

Yolanda whitefield
So worth the money!

My first use was a bit surprising. The device does exactly what is described,I feel very tired after working on the computer for a day. I am used to using this eye massager before going to bed every day. It really relaxes me a lot and easily puts me into deep sleep, which is a very difficult thing for me. Solved a big trouble in my life.On picking up the massager, it looks and feels well made, it's very comfortable to wear. I'll recommend it to my colleagues who have the same needs.

Katherine murphy
I like it so much

This product is simply the best I have ever used! It relieves a lot whenever I get tired eyes!It also improves my dark circles. I will use it every day

Michael whitley
Good buy

Omg..I love it. Its so cool. So relaxing. I made my girlfriend try, she thought it was cool as well. It’s really worth for the price i paid. I got more then what I expected!!