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AidaTop Cervical Neck Traction Device With Adjustable Neck Brace, Sturdy Neck Stretching Feature, and a Padded Build for the Ultimate Comfort!

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AidaTop Cervical Neck Traction Device With Adjustable Neck Brace, Sturdy Neck Stretching Feature, and a Padded Build for the Ultimate Comfort!

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



The Adjustable Cervical Neck Traction Device That Supports Great Posture and Lessens Neck Stiffness and Strain


A simple neck pain can be a prelude to a bigger and deeper health problem. When we fail to address persistent neck soreness, we run the risk of hurting our cervical spine. To prevent neck pain from turning into a more terrible problem, it’s time you resort to getting this cervical collar!

This expert-designed collar is made to provide stellar support to the neck, promote great posture, and correct any bad position that might be hurting or adding intense pressure to the neck muscles.

Why Choose AidaTop:

  • Helps relieve neck and cervical health-related problems
  • With adjustable traction device to customize to your need
  • Gives a full brace for the neck, wear it as a neck collar
  • Can also be a posture corrector or a neck massager


Enjoy Pain Relief From Cervical Disc Compression

This cervical collar has a built-in airbag to support traction strength. The airbag stretches in order to pull more accurately, effectively making a vertebral space distance at the back of your neck. This solves the root cause of the problem –the disc is restored, and disc compression is lifted. This essentially gives a great relief from cervical disc pain.

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Get Proper Alignment and Support 

Use this neck collar as a brace for the neck. This makes your neck and shoulder muscles relax completely. It corrects your posture in the long run. For mobile phone users, keep your heads up! This brace helps prevent forward-and-down head motion that stretches and gives unnecessary pressure to stiff neck muscles.

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Breathe Comfortably While Wearing 

This brace for the neck has a large opening design which provides good ventilation. It is lightweight and does not restrict the throat for swallowing and the respiratory tract for breathing. Velcro hook and loop closure make it durable and wear-resistant. You can easily adjust the tightness to make you comfortable.

Wear it Clean and Hygienic

Thick high-density absorbent cotton gives the neck ultra care. The sponge and flannel material are so soft, giving no pressure as it comes in contact with the skin. It gives you ultra comfort with no burden, away from the damp and stuffy cloth.

BraceforNeck_CervialCollar_AspenCollar_image24_800x800.jpg (800×800)

Product Specification:

Material: PP / POM / ABS+PC / HDPE, sponge, flannel, acrylic cloth
Size: 26cm x 18cm x 17.5cm
Weight: 0.23kg
Color: Mint Green

1. Please allow 1-3cm differences due to manual measurement.
2. Due to the light and screen difference, the item’s color may be slightly different from the pictures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long can I wear this Cervical Collar Brace for?
A. We recommend that the neck brace is worn for a 10-30 minutes a day to help improve posture gradually or when support is needed most.

Q. Can I drive with this Neck Brace on?
A. We do not recommend that the neck brace is worn while driving or travelling in the car.

Q. Can I wear this Cervical Collar Brace while sleeping?
A. This neck brace should not be worn while you sleep. We would recommend using a firm pillow for enough neck support whilst sleeping.

Q. Is there enough support to keep my head upright?
A. Our neck brace has been specifically designed to provide all the support of a traditional brace, with added comfort. This Cervical Collar Brace keeps the head firmly upright with no flimsiness. Also, the product allows air to flow in therefore overheating is not an issue compared to other neck supports on the market.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Cynthia Rentz
Comfortable and adjustable.

During pandemic I have apent too much time looking down at phone, sitting on couch watching TV.
This neck brace is good to counter neck strain.

Brenda Harvey

I was hesitant to buy this because I wasn’t sure if it would work. I have a really sore neck and thought this might provide some relief. But, wow!! This superseded my expectations. I wear it around the house while straitening out lounging around. It’s super easy to put on once you do it a few times. It’s surprisingly comfortable and really does reduce neck soreness because it seems to just give your muscles a rest. Highly recommened!

Joshua Nix

The cervical spine often feels uncomfortable. I go to see a doctor. The doctor said that physical therapy would be better. Medications can only treat the symptoms but not the root cause. In addition, I also suggested that my living habits should be changed and adjusted. After that, I went to a shop selling tractors near the hospital, and the prices were all exaggerated. So I looked for it online according to the type I saw in the store, and finally decided to buy this cervical vertebra traction device. The packaging is very strong, the fabric is very comfortable, the operation is simple, and the traction force is relatively large. After using it, the neck and shoulders are very relaxed.

Patricia White
It’s simple and amazing!

This has plenty of support for my neck. I'm extremely satisfied with the comfort and stability of this wonderful brace. I was pleased with everything.

Floyd Martin
Fixed My Shoulder Pain and Number Index Finger

Oh. My. God. This. Brace. Is. A. Lifesaver. About three months ago I had serious shoulder pain. I went to the doctor and was told it was possibly a rotator cuff or muscle strain. I was given Metaxalone. I still had pain after two weeks. I went back for more meds, but the pain was still very bad. I bought a Quell and another TENS device. Those did help somewhat, especially the Quell. But I still had shoulder and now some forearm pain, plus my right index finger was numb with a tingle. I just started Googling for solutions. I stumbled on to this product, so I bought this brace. It. WORKS. I've been wearing it since I bought it and I don't have the pain or numbness anymore. This brace really does work. I'm going to hang on to this brace, it is a lifesaver for real.