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"The Answer To My Prayers": Millions Of Americans Sleep On Their Sides, Few Know This 'Side Sleeper Hack’ That Eliminates Neck, Back & Shoulder Pain

Ryan Stewart
Updated Jul 13th, 2024

In an unexpected turn of events, a devastating car accident involving a resilient woman has blossomed into a nationwide movement, offering hope and relief to millions.

The incident not only touched hearts but also revealed a groundbreaking ‘side sleeper hack’ that’s addressing a widespread issue—neck, back, and shoulder pain.

With over half the American population identifying as side sleepers, and countless individuals battling discomfort every night, it’s no wonder this inspiring story has caught the nation’s attention.

Major networks, including ABC, NBC, and FOX, have featured this tale, highlighting the incredible journey from adversity to innovation.

How A Car Accident Turned Into A Nationwide Revolution For Side Sleepers

Following a harrowing car accident, Janine Cooper, 54, found her daily life turned upside down.

“It wasn’t just the scars on my arms and legs. Those healed. But it was the internal damage. The stuff that turned night time sleep into a nightmare,” says Janine.

As a side sleeper, nights became a battleground of shoulder aches and relentless lower back and neck pain.

Restless nights led to groggy mornings, and this made her irritable.

“I became such an angry person and I didn’t even realize. I was snapping at my husband for harmless things, and I also just had no energy at all. I was always tired and I couldn’t even play with my kids,” Janine states.

She was a shell of her former self, yearning for the days of pain-free sleep and waking up rejuvenated.

She tried it all, from sleep medications to physical therapy.

But with addiction risk at an all-time high and therapy burning both her time and bank account…

“I had a cousin who got hooked on pills. It was a terrible, terrible tragedy. So pills were a no-go,” she said. “And therapy was getting too expensive, fast. I didn’t want to do it, but it looked like surgery was the only option.”

Yet, as fate would have it, relief was closer than she ever imagined.

Her neighbor, a practicing chiropractor, caught wind of her distress.

One day, he appeared at her doorstep, holding what looked like an oddly shaped pillow.

“Trust me,” he said with a reassuring smile, “This is the ultimate side sleeper hack. I’ve been recommending these to my patients, and they say it’s done miraculous work for their side sleep pains.”

Skeptical but desperate, Janine gave it a shot.

The results were nothing short of miraculous.

“I couldn’t believe it,” she recalls, “For the first time in months, I slept painlessly. This ‘DreamRest’ pillow worked wonders. No back pain, no neck aches, no discomfort after a long night’s sleep!”

Without understanding the intricate details of its design, she knew one thing—it worked.

The oddly-shaped pillow that’s being called the ultimate ‘side sleeper hack’

So, what makes the DreamRest Contour Cervical Pillow the acclaimed “side sleeper hack”?

Dr. Raphael Torres, a visionary orthopedic surgeon, spearheaded the world’s largest sleep study in 2022, encompassing thousands of side sleepers. After analyzing intricate patterns and challenges faced by participants, he identified a groundbreaking solution for sleep-induced shoulder, neck, and back pain.

This revelation propelled him to design the “DreamRest” pillow. But it’s not just a pillow; it’s a carefully engineered sleep solution.

The DreamRest Side Sleeper Pillow is quite literally the first of its kind with two key technologies that make it so effective in eliminating pain for side sleepers.

  • DCM (Dynamic Contouring Memory) Technology – it dynamically adapts throughout the night, so as you move, it reshapes itself, ensuring perfect alignment and completely eliminates pressure points.
  • Bio-Responsive Fibers – Embedded within are bio-responsive fibers that detect the pressure points of the user. When it senses undue pressure around the shoulder or neck area, it adjusts its density in real-time, redistributing support to where you need it most.

Combined with its unparalleled DCM Technology and Bio-Responsive Fibers, DreamRest offers a dual-action adaptive support system that no other pillow possesses.

After releasing the DreamRest Contour Cervical Pillow in early 2023, it has since earned a reputation as the ultimate “side sleeper hack” for people with neck, back or shoulder pain.

The word is starting to get out, with social media buzzing:

With over 2 million DreamRest Contour Cervical Pillow sold, the reviews are in...

DreamyFoam customers love spreading the word about this new pillow. Here are just a few verified reviews:

So is it really worth all the hype?

Like so many others, side sleeping has always been my go-to. But this comfort came with a price – persistent shoulder discomfort that I’ve endured night after night.

So when I saw Janine’s story and how this ‘side sleeper hack’ was going viral, I had to jump on the bandwagon myself.

I ordered the DreamRest Side Sleeper Pillow from their official website and when it arrived, the first thing I noticed was the oddly shaped contour design.

From the very first night, the DreamRest Contour Cervical Pillow felt different. As I settled down, I could instantly sense the magic of DCM (Dynamic Contouring Memory) Technology. It wasn’t like laying my head on a static pillow; it was an active experience. As I shifted, even minutely, the pillow seemed to reshape itself, cradling my head and neck with precision.

That night, for the first time in years, I remained on my side throughout my sleep. Not once did I feel the urge to shift positions, and more impressively, I didn’t feel any weight or pressure coming down on my shoulder.

It was like sleeping on a cloud.

The Bio-Responsive Fibers, though, were the true marvel. On one occasion, waking up momentarily, I pressed my neck deeper into the pillow out of habit. Instead of feeling resistance or that familiar discomfort, the pillow adjusted, as if sensing my need and offering just the right amount of support.

Morning came quicker than expected. Here’s the shocking part: For the first time in what felt like forever, I woke up to my entire body – not just my shoulders – feeling rejuvenated, loose and profoundly rested.

If I were to describe my experience in one word, it would be “transformative.” This isn’t just a pillow. I can definitely see why people call this a ‘side sleepers hack’.

Parting Thoughts

While I’ve had experiences with other “orthopedic” or “ergonomic” pillows, none of them are even in the same category as DreamyFoam. It’s something that I can’t really describe or put into words, you just have to try it for yourself.

As a matter of fact, I ended up buying 2 more DreamRest Contour Cervical Pillow for my parents and they told me that it was the best gift they’ve ever received!

UPDATE Monday, January 01, 2024 – Ever since DreamRest was featured online, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated and has since sold over 2 million pillows. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are now offering a 90 day satisfaction guarantee and are offering their 50% off discount while supplies last. To see if they are still available click the button below.

A one-time 50% discount is offered for first-time buyers.

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